Monday, February 15, 2010

I put my wowman on a plane for Nashville today.

She's got to go there for a business conference and give a presentation on how they handle the evaluation of a students transferred college credit, which is what she does here on the main campus of CTC. Her boss couldn't go, so it was tossed to her. She'll be there in town till Thursday, and then she'll drive up to Kentucky and spend the next few days with her kids. She'll fly home Sunday, landing here in Killeen at around 8PM.

So, I'm batchin' it this week. It'll be weird as hell, not havin' her around. But I'll survive. There's plans for me to head over to Mom's place and eat dinner with her tonight. She's cooking one of her best dishes... Chicken Enchiladas, and I think she's plannin' to toss some shrinp in there too. She wanted to cook for us this last weekend, but I'd already made plans to cook pork ribs for my wowman on Valentines day, so the enchiladas were postponed till tonight.

The ribs turned out good. They were put in the oven at 250 and stayed there for about five hours. I took them out with about 30 minutes to spare and dribbled some good, spicy BBQ sauce all over them. The meat just fell off the bone when I finally took them out.

Denise loved it. She prefers to eat her ribs with a fork. me, I missed the gnawin' I usually get to do, pickin' the ribs up with my hands and chewin' in 'em till they're nothin' but bare, shiny bone.

Anyway, it was all good, and there's leftovers for me to enjoy this week.

There's a concert in Austin at the end of this week. I'll head down to Stubb's BBQ and attend an outdoor concert with Warren Haynes and his band, Gov't Mule. They put out a new CD last year and are touring to support it. I picked it up last year, right after seein' Haynes when he played with his other band, The Allman Brothers. So I'm really looking forward to the gig.

If you're not familiar with Warren's skills, here's a taste. He's doin' a Zeppelin cover here (I love their covers!), I can't quit you baby... Itself a cover of an old Willie Dixon tune. Enjoy.

Well hell, while we're here, why not check out Dixon's version...

And then there's the Zeppelin version. This is only a taste, but it's worth hearin' again. OK, slink back in the chair, crank up the volume and enjoy.

Well, anyway, Gov't Mule will be a great gig. I just hope it's not rainin' and in the 30s Friday night. Here's hopin'.

Y'all be good. We'll connect again in a bit. Cheers.

Update: She's landed successfully, after a tedious, turbulence filled flight from Dallas to Nashville.


Mushy said...

Great food and rock'n roll!

BRUNO said...

Your bachelor-week will be but-only a flash!

And, YES, even us married-fuckers(there, THAT'S an oxymoron for ya'!) enjoy the occasional "taste of freedom"!

And those RIBS look mighty uplifting to ME...!