Thursday, February 18, 2010

Did I tell ya...

what my buddy John, a guard out at San Saba, local liquor store owner and shootin' buddy, did for me a week or so ago?

He and a cousin had to go up to New Jersey and Pennsylvania a few weekends ago to take one of his uncles to another uncles funeral. He told me before he left that he was gonna try to bring me back some Yuengling. He's not a beer drinker. A whiskey drinker, ol' John is. But he'd see if he could stow away a six-pack in his bag on the way back.

Sure enough. Ain't it purdy! He even put them back on the plastic yoke for me. What a gentleman!

I've had em in the house for a week. In the fridge for a few days, but I have yet to drink one. I still have most of a case of bottles at the house, and I'd hate to mess up this new set. I guess I'll wait till the bottles run out. Use this as a kind of a Yuengling emergency stash. Break glass and guzzle in case of emergency.

Ether that or we'll just have to have a good old fashioned pizza night some time, and Denise and I will kill them all. Pork up, get loose and get wide. One way or the other... Cheers!

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BRUNO said...

I've pretty-much stopped buyin' beer in CANS. Seems like it's ALWAYS flat. Bottles-only for me!

Yeah, I still drink one occasionally, usually on a Saturday-night, "just-because"!

If I can't get Miller G-D, I'll get Schlafly, instead. Schlafly is a relatively-small brewer out of St Louis, in case you didn't know.

But since the big A-B/InBev "desertion", Schlafly has become quite a popular beer, at least regionally...