Friday, February 19, 2010

Well, I went to see my tax lady today.

I was afraid, what with having sold those two lots last year, that I was gonna be stuck with a fat bill. Capital Gains. Everyone I talked to about it would get this somber look on their face. they had me thinkin' I was gonna have to pay something like eight or ten grand this year. I went in today so that if I did get stuck with a huge bill I could take the next few months to save up the cash.

Sheeeeit, it was a breeze. Took my little German tax gal about fifteen minutes to tell me that my bill was only (ONLY?) $2300.00. I was elated. I told her to go ahead and set up an automatic withdrawal. get it dome now, so I can finally start thinkin' seriously about some of the stuff I want... need to spend money on this year.

There's a new deck in the plans, and a nice flat screen TV with a surround sound system. And, maybe even a down payment on one of these...

You know, or something like that. We'll see.

Denise is in Kentucky now, chillin' with her friends, kids and grand kids. She had a great time in Nashville, with lots of folks from other colleges pattin' her on the back, tellin' her how brilliant she is. Several of them want her to come to their campus and give her presentation in person.

I told her it was great to hear her bubbling with pride after this experience, rather than the long string of familiar complaints I usually hear when we've both come home in the late evening and she needs to unload from a day of dealing with rude students and pain-in-the-ass employees.

She'll fly home late Sunday, so I'm still batchin' it here as the weekend commences. There's a concert in Austin this evening. I plan to head down to Stubb's, get myself a big plate of BBQ, stroll over to the outside venue behind the restaurant and enjoy some Gov't Mule.

This'll be my third time to see them. Lookin' forward to it. It's always good.

Some time before the gig, my plan is to stroll over to the Paramount Theater, a few blocks down the road from Stubb's, and pick up a few tickets to see Joe Bonamassa. He's gonna play the Paramount on March 24th. Denise and I will enjoy that.

So, I'm gonna go take a nap, and then I'll load up the cameras with new batteries and head south. Y'all be good, and we'll talk again on the other side of this one. Cheers!


Sarge Charlie said...

good deal on the tax, if I did your tax you would get a refund. But you may also have to fly and airplane into your IRS office in a year or so........

FHB said...

Sarge - Aaahahaha! Man, that guy was a pussy. Sell yer friggin' $200,000 house and pay your bills, douche bag!

Next year I'll get money back, maybe.

Shrinky said...

Okay, Am I'm missing something here, you won the lotto since my last visit over, or what?? (Grin)

Glad to hear Denise is in a good place work-wise, too - what was the presentation about?

FHB said...

Shrinky - Yea, not the lottery, but I'm doin' pretty good. Full-time prof now, on salary, and I sold some land last year. Payed off my debts and had a little left over for fun.

Denise had to go and explain how she does her job, evaluating students college credit and setting up degree plans.

Mushy said...

I was worried about your taxes this year...good news. However, please be smart with the remaining money.

Remember, money spent on cars, women, cigars, and booze is fleeting...temporary return!