Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day today! Woooohoooo!

It started out pretty light, but it was a joy to see anyway. We don't get much snow around here. last time we got enough to matter was maybe two Easters ago.

I got out to the car this morning and found a light dusting. This was taken at about 7:30, when I usually leave for work.

The drive to Florence was easy. The roads were wet, but nothing was sticking on the road. Grass was still sticking up through the snow.

Looked more like rain on the car when I parked it in front of the school, just before 8AM.

A while later, my first period Seniors were huddled by the windows, amazed, as the snow flakes got bigger and bigger and began to stick.

Yea, it's a small class. Just six kids. The rest are ether in the band, or have some other issue that keeps them from taking my first period class. Result is, I get an extra class in the morning, a little more money, and another batch of Seniors third period.

At one point I opened one of the windows to get a better picture and see the snow. Next thing I knew, a few kids had jumped out the window and were frolicking in the cold.

I had them pose for me. I told them this one should go in the yearbook.

By the time the third period class began, order in the school was breaking down. Kids were getting out of class and going out to have snowball fights and enjoy the moment. My kids were begging me to let them go, so I decided to take a "field trip" out to the FFA meat market. They make some kick ass jerky out there, among other things, and I was lookin' to buy myself some.

I think I was hit by about three snowballs on the path up to that building. I didn't answer back with any. I figured I was outnumbered, and it could only get uglier.

By about 10:20, the announcement was made over the intercom that the school day was going to be cut short. The kids would all get out at 1PM.

The reaction in my class was appropriately subdued, as you can see. They were all so sad to hear the news. By this time I'd learned that my classes in San Saba and on Ft. Hood had already been canceled, so I was pretty happy too.

They also announced that school wouldn't start on Wednesday morning until 10AM. I decided then that rather than come down to Florence for just 40 minutes (third period ends at 10:40), I'd get a sub and sleep in.

Going out to my car for the drive home, I could see the almost three hours of accumulation. It's melting, but it's also accumulating.

The drive home was slow. There was no ice, so far as I could tell, but the slushy road was slippery enough to cause my little car to slide here and there, just a bit.

When I got back to Killeen, I stopped at HEB and picked up some beef ribs, brussels sprouts and potatoes for dinner, and about five bundles of firewood. I drove up into the garage, sliding a bit, unloaded the trunk, and then moved the car back out so that when Denise got home, she could have the garage. She'd called me by this time to say that the main campus was closing at 11:30. We were both gonna be able to enjoy a Snow Day.

My car parked, and me safely back at home, I decided to make a short celebratory video.

The back yard was covered, as was the front, but it's melting almost as fast as it's falling. It's supposed to stop by tonight, and then everything will freeze solid by morning. Denise and I will probably sleep in, and then I'll head to San Saba around 10:30AM. The roads should be OK by then. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, what a hoot. A Snow Day. Ain't life grand? Cheers!

Update: It's official. Denise and I both get to sleep in tomorrow. The main campus won't start till 10AM, and I have a sub in Florence. Setting the alarm for 9. Blissssss!


dick said...

Yep, we haven't got anything but a few flakes this go around.

BRUNO said...

Are ya' SURE it wasn't NUCLEAR-fallout, instead? LOL!

Yeah, I saw that on the NWS-map, and I told the wife: "By gawd, I'll bet even JEFF will be seein' snow outta THAT one!"

She gave me a "Eh, so???"-look. That is, until I explained to her that for YOU, in THAT part of Texas, an actual accumulating snowfall is a bit---unusual!

As for US, here? We're envious of YOUR comparably-low HUMIDITY in the summer...!

PRH....... said...

Plenty still on the ground here(west Ohio), but hopefull it will all melt away before the Vietnam Reunion in Dayton March 5-7th.

Mushy said...

Snowed again here today, but it was gone by 10:30.

FHB said...

Ours was gone in 48 hours.

*Goddess* said...

Hey, if you "love it" so much, move to the East. I suspect your love will quickly wither and die:)

The vegetation looks gorgeous, though, with the snow.

FHB said...

Yea, it might. My childhood memories of how fun it was are lacking any thoughts of having to get up and go to work in it. Just fun and snow days... England and Missouri.

FHB said...

I told my cousin in Williamsport that we'd had a Snow Day with just two inches and he laughed. Yea, we're pussies, but you don't hear us bitchin' about the heat when it's 110 and folks up north are dyin'. Just turn up the friggin' AC and rock on.