Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Check this guy out.


BRUNO said...

Concerning wind-power: Is it true that the BLADES of the turbines are actually HEATED by a percentage of their current output, when it drops to a certain temp?

And admittedly, I don't remember what the cut-off temp was, but it was also stated that after a certain point, they had to be completely shut-down, to avoid damage to the rotors from ICE, I suppose?

I "took the long-way around the barn" about it, but my point is:How can this be considered an EFFICIENT, and RELIABLE, method of power generation?

And I don't believe for one minute that STORAGE-systems would be a feasible "solution", either. Other than the COST, and it's RELIABILITY, as well, the actual SIZE of such an undertaking would be prohibitive in most areas that could benefit from such, I would think.

COAL, and NATURAL GAS, to me, appears to be best-suited to the task. As for NUCLEAR? Efficient, yes. But even I'M a bit "leery" of such, and it's potential for "abuse"...

Mushy said...

Hell, watch this:

BRUNO said...

He's got a great-idea, but I'm afraid he's too smart, and logical, for him to ever realize any success.

Another way of putting it: There's no MONEY to be made in logic. Profit is only made when you can keep the MAJORITY technologically "in-the-dark", so they won't take notice of cheaper, probably equally-reliable, sources of energy.

See how it works? After ALL of that writing above, there are now THREE-people who don't have a CLUE as to what I said---MYSELF-INCLUDED...!!! LOL!

BRUNO said...

And ONE of them is the SAME-DAMNED-PERSON TWICE!!!☺

FHB said...

Bruno - I dunno man, but they got a ton of the things out off I-10 and I-30, out in West Texas. They're supposed to be generating a lot of our electricity. Who knows.

Mushy - That's too cool. Like that video that's been around where the guy makes an engine run on water. Wonder when someone will finally make something like that work for the average folks?