Monday, March 01, 2010

Last week rocked, on so many levels.

First, there was the snow day. That was fun. Most of a day off and the joy of big fluffy flakes driftin' out of the sky. We don't see that too much around here.

Then there was a late start for Wednesday morning. After fighting traffic for a bit on the way out of town (EVERYONE went in late, so we had early morning gridlock at 10AM), I got to enjoy a rare chance to consume one of the best burgers in Christendom. Yes, you know it... The Jalapeno Sourdough Bread Bacon Cheeseburger from the Dairy Mart in San Saba.

After the delay in Killeen, I didn't manage to get to San Saba in time for a polite sit down, so I called them as I was drivin' into town and picked a burger and fries up at the drive-in window. I got to the jail by about 11:30AM, took the food in and ate it before my "students" arrived.

The next day, Thursday, I arrived down in Florence on time for class, but in stead of my usual group of Seniors, the Second Period Juniors were crowded around my door. Turns out it was Off-Campus Lunch Day for the Seniors. Their normal 30 minute lunch was extended to an hour and a half so they can drive to Roundrock and eat lunch "off campus".

Shit, back when I was a Senior, like 30 years ago, we'd eat lunch off campus every friggin' day. We'd race down Altamesa blvd. and crowd into the McDonald's. Some dudes would spike their Coke with the adult beverage of their choice and bring it back to school.

The surprise for me last Thursday was that I arrived to find that First Period had been canceled. We went straight into Second, and then Third, and I was outta there by 9:45... About an hour early.

So you know where I headed. No traffic issues this time. Two days in a row, and this time I had ample time for a nice sit down. Since I'd had fries the day before, this time I chose onion rings. Mmmmm, good.

Of course, the TV was on, set to Fox, for digestive purposes.

Yep, that's a double cheeseburger. And I didn't even ask for one. Nice huh? man, these things are good. You have no idea. if you ever get the chance, you'll find the Dairy Mart right across 190 from the Super-S food store. Don't get there late. They close at 2PM on most days (which is why I never get to go), but stay open later on Fridays. Enjoy!

After that I drove up to the jail and walked into work with my head held high. Life was good. I held my class, finishing up for the final exam, and then I hit the road. Tuesday and Thursday nights, I teach a few Government classes on Ft. Hood, so that's where I was headed.

As per usual, I took out a cigar, slobbered on the end a bit, pulled out the cutter and blazed up. It's wonderful, with the radio blaring and the sunroof open, to enjoy a good cigar while I'm flyin' down the road. I guess it helps the time go by. This one was a Joya De Nicaragua, Antano Dark Carojo. It's not for the weak. Usually, after killin' one on the way to wherever, I'm feelin' it when I get out of the car and try to walk somewhere. Strong, but good.

This time, on a whim, I used a punch cutter. Don't ya love it when you've taken a good drag on one... You take it out of your mouth, hold the smoke for a bit and then let it go slowly through the sunroof? Then you look down, and there's still a little smoke wafting out of the cut end. Love it.

When I got to Ft. Hood and started circling the lot, lookin' for a space, I saw a soldier with a bumper sticker that I felt I needed to show ya. I find some hilarious stuff on base. True wisdom.

The college just opened up a new building for us to teach in. It's a really nice place, but it'll be even nicer when the administrators get all the bells and whistles working properly. This time next year, maybe, it'll be totally up and running.

About half way through my first class, a student walked in and handed me a package. I told him I didn't have any money to pay him, to which he replied "Don't worry about it. Next week."

I looked out at my class, smiled and told them "OK, it's not weed." They all laughed, and the class went on.

The classroom I teach in is a very nice one that holds about 40 students. It's got a projector hanging from the ceiling, and a screen that rolls down from the ceiling when I punch a button. It's got Internet connections, and a connection that will allow me to connect my laptop to the system and show web sites or DVDs to the class. It WILL do that, in about a year. Yea, much of the technology isn't turned on yet. It's gonna take time, but eventually the place will be very cool.

My second class ended around 9:30PM, and I headed off to the warmth of my hearth and home. Yep, I left home at 7:30 in the morning and got back at about 9:45PM. That's my life. Hell, it pays good, or I wouldn't be doin' it.

This week is gonna be comparatively easy. The finals being given, the semester is over in San Saba, so I don't have to go there this week. I got out of Florence at 10:40 this morning and headed home. Tomorrow, I'll have a five hour break between Florence and Ft. Hood. Wednesday, due to TASP testing in Florence (a standardized test the Juniors take), I don't have to go down there at all. I'll sleep inn and have the whole day off. Thursday will be just like Tuesday, and then Friday will be like today. Easy peasy.

Spendin' all this time at home this week will give me a chance to enjoy our new TV. We've been lookin' around foir a year or so. Finally decided on 47' LG. 1080, 120, LCD, etc. It's purdy, ain't it. And when i go tit hooked up last night, what did I find on TCM? Ben Hur. Sheeeit, I got to watch it on a big screen. Love it.

So, it's gonna be a good week. You guys enjoy the rest of your Monday toil (well, everyone but the retirees), and we'll do this again in a spell. I'm headed to the grocery store for Spaghetti fixin's. That's right. My wowman is off at work, so I'm the kitchen bitch this week. It'll be fun. Y'all come, if you can figure out where I am. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

So, what's in the package?

FHB said...

High octane Beef Jerky. Special order with jalapeno seeds and all.

PRH....... said...

A good strong Cigar has that same effect on me....Stand Up, wobble, and point yourself in the right direction.

Have not had one in over a month, since my bout with broncitus...but spring is just around the corner, and my humidors are packed...I'm ready for Spring and a good cigar and beer in the back yard!

BRUNO said...

I won't use anything BUT a punch-cutter. Makes a beautiful "crown"!

And I've smoked THREE of 'em, in the past TWO-weeks! These sunny days---though still few and far between!---are startin' to soak-in on me...!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!
Did you get my other comment about Mr.T? Danny and I were wondering how/when it happened. We're both sad we weren't in town at the time.

FHB said...

I did. he came down with Cancer late last year, and was no longer teaching classes. he was going through Chemo when he had a massive heart attack. Lingered for a week and then passed on a Friday, about three weeks or a month ago. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

That's horrible and very sad. He was an awesome teacher. I enjoyed the semesters where I took both of your classes, when you both would poke fun at each other. I will have to let Danny know. He was very upset when I told him Mr.T passed.
I am glad you got to attend his services, I feel a little better knowing that someone I know was there.

*Goddess* said...

And when i go tit hooked up last night

Love the Freudian

FHB said...

Jill - Yea, it sucked. The funeral was very nice.

Goddess - LOL, yea, well, it has a USB port on the back, so maybe, when the ball and chain isn't around I'll hook the old laptop up to it and rock on with my bad self. Film at 11.

*Goddess* said...

I actually thought that was a computer screen when I first looked at it.