Saturday, March 06, 2010

Y'all seen this?


BRUNO said...

Yeah, I'd caught this'n before, a few-weeks ago. But I was kinda disappointed---I wanted to see a REAL-ass whoopin'. Hell, all the "G"-got was a split-lip. An' he thinks he's dyin'!

Hell, you can't bang a "ganger" in the head like that, an' expect to win. Bust those shins, right below the knees, an' get 'im down first, THEN work that head over sideways.

He don't get up an' BRAG about that one for a few days, if ya' do it right the FIRST-time...!

(Hey, why not? We BOTH know what they'll do(done)with the ol' man---they kept the shit in his bag, an' probably charged HIM with assault/public nuisance, because of his "offensive"-comments. If you're gonna PAY for it anyways, hell, make it worth your pain...!)

HankH said...

I love that video! I guess the moral of the story is don't mess with old guys who are wearing t-shirts that say "I am a motherf*****". I found another blog where somebody had put some music to this video which I really think you'll enjoy:



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