Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pffft, GEEKS!

Yep, I'm one too. HUGE. I got one of these for Denise's grandson. You remember a post a while back where I told you he'd sent a Christmas list to his Nanna? He wanted a couple of $800 custom made Airsoft guns. Well, I found this little dude for about $30. Figured it'd make the little dude happy. Sure enough...

Thing is, I "accidentally" ordered two of 'em. Seriously, I did. I must have screwed up the online order. They sent two, and I was gonna send the other one back. But then I thought, "Shit, it's only $30. It might be fun."

It is. Shoots these little plastic BBs at about 235 feet per, which is just enough to let you know you've been shot in the ass, but not enough to hurt. Has a select fire switch, with semi and full auto. It comes with a laser sight, a scope, and flashlight and a forward pistol grip. I opted to toss the fore-grip. That shit is only good for sprayin' lead (or plastic BBs) over your head. The little thumb lever for the laser sight goes on the left side of the front grip, which also holds the rechargeable battery.

Shit, it's even got a folding stock. Cool as hell. Wish I'd had one 40 years ago... But you're never too old to play with cool toys.

Next thing, I'll be online bidding on an old Major Matt Mason doll, er, Action Figure. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

Look at this shit!

I've stayed away, and STILL no "commenter's"...!

FHB said...

Yea I know. It's cool. Keep my geekdom on the DL.

kerrcarto said...

My son has five airsoft guns. The sniper rifle one hurts like a bitch!

Funny. The word verification for this comment was, empaints

Mushy said...

Tell the grandson not to run across a public street with that thing...if a cop or some home protection nut saw him he would probably be in a heap of trouble.


FHB said...

Kerrcarto - I see them at gun shows and am tempted, but I guess I prefer the real thing.

Mushy - That's why it has the orange tip on the barrel. I think the only real danger is from the kid, towards the family cat and dogs.

Can't wait to get up there with mine and have a gun battle in the back yard.

BRUNO said...

Come a LONG-way, from the Daisy "Red-Ryders", ain't we, fellas???

BRUNO said...

(Psst---hey, JEFF---see how much better they "come, if I DON'T start buildin' it??? LOL!!!☺