Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First of all, this video is friggin' brilliant!

Aside from that. I had a blowout in school this morning. Well, really, it was probably when I sat down in the silver bullet to head to San Saba from Florence. By the time I got out of class at the jail, this is what it had turned into.

Full blown gaposis, bordering on the indiscreet. I mean, my shit was just about to go public.

Don't get me wrong. The extra AC was nice to have, it bein' friggin' hot as blazes here today... 90 in the shade. But still, a prison is no place to advertisin' your wares, if you know what I mean.

I got out of the jail at about 2:35 and went to my usual (non Dairy Mart) lunch stop, Our Place, and enjoyed my grilled chicken on rye, making sure the little ladies there didn't get a good look at anything. Didn't want to get myself arrested.

Then I headed for Harry's Western Wear, in the down town square, were I was able to find suitable replacement. Wrangler chinos. 42x34 will do in a pinch, if I can't find 42x36s.

Doesn't it suck when you get a good pair of pants worn in and soft, and in no time the ass splits out on ya? I think I've had these for about ten years. i guess I got my moneys worth out of 'em.

Anyway, that was my drama for the day.

Finally, a guy I went to high school with sent me a shot of his new toy the other day. Check it out.

Cool trike eh? I've always thought those things were cool. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

How the HELL did you manage to take a picture of your-------oh, NEVER MIND!

Knowin' HOW wouldn't do ME no good, anyways!

Gawd, it really DOES suck to be a car-seat, don't it?

I think I'll treat MY seats with more respect---and Scotch-Gard!---from now on...!!!

BRUNO said...

Oh, OK---I think I see now, that you put 'em over the seat-back, WITHOUT you in 'em!(What'd ya' do, stand there half-nekkid, takin' shots?)

I'd like to have been there, when you went-in to buy a NEW-pair!

But then again, on second-thought: No, not really....!!!

kerrcarto said...

I had a blowout the other day cleaning up the yard. Kids laughed their asses off. Especially after I just ripped them completely open and walked around for a while.

FHB said...

Bruno - I had them tossed over the steering wheel while I sat in the parking lot of the library. I'd changed into my new pants by then... you silly boy.

Kerrcarto - Yea, when it happens around here I do the same thing. Let it fly. I figured the jail was not the place to test the angle of the dangle.

Mushy said...