Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ya kinda get the feel that a shootin' war could bust out at any moment.

Check out all the Kalashnikovs all over the place. And the government minders revvin' up the crowds.

This is the India-Pakistan border, Wagah road closing ceremony. It's the only road connecting the two antagonistic nations... Both nuclear powers.

Every night, the border is closed with this ceremony, lasting only 156 seconds. Dig it.

All that posturing and sweating... And then they shake hands. It's really more like a sporting event, where each side gets to shake a leg and show their national pride. That's cool. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

For SOME reason, I'm sittin' here laughin' my ass off! Hell, it looks like a barnyard full of chickens, after a new layer of scratch has just been added!

Sonofabitches like to KICK, don't they?(I was waitin' for one of 'em to "pull-a-nut", an' hit the ground screamin'!!!)

Although, NOW I'm curious as to what, if anything, they do when RE-OPENING the gate???

And BOTH these countries are, indeed, nuclear-capable.

Reminds me of that line I've read on somebodys' blog:"And they walk among us...!"

BRUNO said...

I'm sorry, dude---but I just HAD TO come back!(I swear to GOD, my eyes are STILL waterin' from laughin'!)

It's a good-thing that I'll never make it to one of those: There'd be a nuke-war before morning, 'cause I'd simply HAVE TO toss a bananna-peel in there, at one point or another!☺

The INDIAN-side has more precision and "flash", but the PAKISTANI-side seems to have the edge on 'em, when it comes to arrogance, at least in appearance.

Man, can you just IMAGINE the fight that'd break-out, IF one of those BOOTS from either side would come loose...???

FHB said...

Pretty wild. I just watched it again and it hit me that both sides look kinda like Janissaries. Uh, there's no reason anyone who hasn't spend years in nerd central, grad school, would know who they were. But the head dresses are the thing that sparked the memory. Here;'s a link. See if you think I'm right.

Eh, I'm such a geek.

BRUNO said...

So, that's a Janissary, eh?

Looks more like a low-budget Klansman takin' a SHIT, to ME!!!

Either that, or a King-sized garden-gnome...???☺

BRUNO said...

Pakistani-outfit looks just like the ones in that movie, "Jewel Of The Nile"!

I wouldn't know WHY that might be, though???(duh-h-h!)

FHB said...

Janissaries were like the shock troops of the Turkish empire in the late middle ages, maybe 1400sw and 1500s. They conquered the Balkans and would take little boys away from their Christian parents and put them through training, convert them to Islam and turn them against their own people. The modern legacy of all that is the conflict between Christians and Muslims in the Balkans today. Serbs vs. Croats. Shit never ends.

BRUNO said...

The hell you say!!!

I'd put your head on my bookshelf---but then I'd have to make room for the REST of you, someplace, as well.

So's I don't see it happenin'...!☺

Mushy said...

Barnyard and roosters...exactly. Pretty ridiculous! Hell, they'd be wore out by the time they ever got to a battle.