Monday, February 22, 2010

Went to a concert in Austin last Friday.

The show was at Stubb's BBQ in Austin. If you want to read my review of the gig, and the BBQ, click over here to another blog I occasionally post at. I'm pressed for time here at the library in Saba and don't want to just cut and paste the post from there to here. Otherwise, here's a short wrap-up.

First, Stubb's is one of the best outdoor venues in Austin. Small and intimate, it's a place where you can really enjoy a live show, up close and personal.

Here's the guy I was comin' to see. Warren Haynes, the lead guitar player for the bands Gov't Mule (who I was seeing Friday), and the Allman Brothers. I think this marks the fourth time I've seen this guy live... Three times with the Mule and once with the ABB. It's always a pleasure.

The band is different this year from previous incarnations. they have a new bass player, who it seems has been with the band long enough now to come into his own. Finally, the Mule has found a guy who's energy can come close to replacing, or really matching the energy of their original bassist, Alan Woody.

Woody, another ABB vet, died in about 2000, five years into this side project. Since then, Haynes has gone through various personnel changes. The current manifestation of the Mule... Haynes on guitar, Mat Abts on drums, Jorgen Carlssen on bass and Danny Louis on keyboards/organs, recorded their first CD in three years at Willie Nelson's recording studio last year, with guests like Billy Gibbons stepping in to help.

I think the result of this newest collaboration will knock your socks off when you hear it. Here's a taste, captured with my new toy, my Sony Cybershot camera. Enjoy.

Yep, I'm postin' vids on Youtube now. DANGEROUS!

Anyway, it's time for me to head back to the jail. Reviewing to losers - "Offenders" - for their finals later this week. Then, next week, no driving to San Saba. Denise will LOVE that... me gettin' home from Florence at 11AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and goin' back to bed. wait till she finds out.

She's back home from Nashville and Kentucky, by the way, safe and sound. We had a great little reunion last night after her plane touched down in Killeen and I got her back to the house. But that's another story.

Anyway, I'll see ya later. Cheers!


Mushy said...

Impressed with the stills and videos you captured.

FHB said...

Thanks brother.