Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day, to all the veterans I know...

To the guys (and gals) who offered it all up for the rest of us. Some of these folks you may know.

If you don't see your picture here, I apologize.

And if you do see your picture here, hey I apologize.

But I get to pick which ones go up. So there. They're the pictures I love to look at.

You're all my pals. That's a big deal...

And I feel lucky and proud to know you all.

It's has been, and will continue to be a blast to know you.

Here's one you don't know. This is my Uncle John, my fathers younger brother. He did a stint in the army in the 50s. Check out how he has that 1911, or whatever, in his belt.

And this is my daddy, taken at about the time he retired after 32 years and 9 months in the service. I'll be goin' out to visit him later.

Y'all all take care, and know that I'm proud to know all of you. Thanks for your service to the rest of us, and thanks for lettin' me hang around. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

Ya' know, you COULD HAVE put me a bit farther-down on the "totem", here. Other than YOU---I'm the "weenie-kid" around here!

And besides---me an' Mushy should get re-takes: We're BOTH considerably "less-gravitationally-challenged" here, lately...!

(I hold an exclusive membership at the "Curl-Up & Die"-gym, myself! Right next-door to the local taxidermist...!☺)

FHB said...

Yea, you both need to send recent skinny shots.

And I think maybe joinin' that gym is the only way I'll ever slim down.

BRUNO said...

I'll work on the shots.

And, to hell with slimmin' down---just keep yourself relatively healthy, while you still have the LACK OF age in your favor...!☺