Tuesday, November 02, 2010

OK, here we go.


BRUNO said...

Aha, shades of the Original Blues Brothers-movie!

You know, Dan Akroyd still has the original '74 Dodge "Bluesmobile". Last I heard, it was in one of his brothers-in-laws' collections???

FHB said...

Yep. That's cool. I see guys drivin' old cop cars around here now and then, and think of that movie. I wonder if they take out the cool cop gear before they sell them? Black folks love to take those old Fords and trick 'em out. repaint 'em and put HUGE friggin' tires on 'em.

BRUNO said...

I don't know about the "new" computerized models, after carbs---but the old, pre-'80's models were sold with the spotlight(s) intact, the suspension unaltered, and the engine tuned-DOWN, with a "civilian" distributor, and a restrictor-plate on the intake, a la NASCAR. They'd use those funky-lookin' five-sided bolts, so's ya' couldn't get a wrench on 'em, to change-out the plate.

(Nothin' a nice, smooth-runnin' drill, an' a good-quality set of "easy-outs" couldn't fix, though!)

But, damn, they'd eat the gas afterwards!

I'm sure the newer ones, with the on-board computer-injection, have a chip or two that's been changed---especially in the airflow-sensors---so as to "dull-down" the horsepower...!

FHB said...

Of course. Cops can't let us little folks have too much fun. I've got a good buddy who was a cop in San Antonio back in the 70s (and MP in Nam in the early 70s). He tells some hilarious stories.