Thursday, November 11, 2010

Took mom out to the cemetary today, to spruice up the plots and place flags out for dady and the others.

It's a pretty place, out in what once was a cow pasture. I imagine, sometimes, deer coming up and feeding on the acorns around the plots. I know the folks would love that.

We put a flag up on Uncle Melvin's plot. He was in the army in WW2. He supposedly served during the Battle of the Bulge, working on supply trains, I think. I never really got the chance to talk to him about it. There was always WAY too much drama involved with his side of the family. But mom remembers him fondly. He married her older sister Rose when Rose was 15 and he was 19. She says he was always like a big brother to her. Something she longed for, I guess. He taught her to drive, taking her out in a field in an old Model T. Even with everything I know about him and the things he put Rose through, I still miss him.

We put another flag out for Uncle Bob. He's my cousin Bob's father. We had the same birthday, Uncle Bob and I. He served in the army during WW2, and made it a career. He was in Alaska during WW2, and served two tours in Viet Nam. I always loved him, and always thought he was really cool. Hung like a horse, the lucky bastard. I don't know if I'll ever know anyone as tough and gruff as Uncle Bob. I miss him a lot.

And then there's daddy. Yea, it goes without saying. I miss him terribly.

It was a good time, mom and I out at the cemetery. We both decided that we needed to come back out with some bags of soil and spread it around. Pull some weeds and try to get rid of the ants. I'll set mom up in a chair and let her watch while I do it all. The folks will like that.


Kenneth said...

Probably shouldn't even mention this, but your thoughtfulness and respectful behavior make me feel terrible in comparison. I didn't know what day it was. If it's an excuse I hardly ever know what day it is but am usually aware of important days. I haven't seen anyone or watched tv lately and you're the only one I've communicated with recently - it just never came up that I recall.
The only consolation is that my sister already fanatically keeps the graves tended.
Okay, just found the post below the birthday party. You did mention it.

FHB said...

Oh hell, that's OK. Better late than never. The dead are long past caring. But we who live in the world they left should.