Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hey, remember a while back when I posted those pictures of the belly tattoos with the strategically placed belly buttons?

Well, here's the female version, I guess. Avert your eyes if yer squeamish. I found a T-shirt that had an image like that on it in Olongopo, Subic Bay back in December of 1990. Was on my way to the Persian Gulf on the USS Ranger. The image was that of a hissing tiger, but on looking more closely one eventually made out the curves of the ladies legs, and everything else. Needless to say, in many ways, Olongopo was an eye opener.


Hammer said...

Thats funny.

The only one I remember is the guy with the tattoo of carrots around his buttcrack and Elmer Fudd pointing a shotgun with the caption "come out you wascally wabbit"

barista grazioso said...

ROFL! hammer, I'd probably start laughing so hard neither one would...umm.....well, you know.

But guys, wouldn't you have a problem, um, becoming intimate ((trying to word this delicately)) with a pair of male evil horns looking at you? Ugh.

Fathairybastard said...

Mucho tequila. Mucho. That shit would be starin' back at ya, starin' ya down, shrivelin' yer shit. Deal killer, every time... unless yer into it. Think about all the ladies out there with all the piercing down there. Gnarly.

Goddess said...

Damn thing does nothing to promote cunnilingus....sigh.

lauritajuanitasanchez said...'d still screw her. Admit it.

I bet that was a painful tatoo to get. Ouch.

Mushy said...

Wow, kinda like the symbolism of the vigina in Pink Floyd's "The Wall"! Those things will eat you - back!

Still, I'd like to see the tail wag just for grins!

Kelly said...

That's just....wrong.