Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Brits.

Of course, the reason why we went to Florida was to see Denise's Brother, sister-in-law, and the sister-in-laws family. Denise's eldest daughter drove down with her kids, so Denise got to spend a preciously short amount of time with her family. Of course, I love seein' these folks too, so even though it was short, expensive and tiring, I was lookin' forward to the trip too.

When we got there on the Friday, Denise's brother Martin was already there with his in-laws and a niece.

At one point, the niece started to play around with some hair pieces, pinning them on me and everyone else.

Blissfully, I failed to get any pictures of myself with the hair on, but I made sure I got some good shots of Martin. We all thought he looked like Ozzy Ozborn.

Martin's father-in-law Mick, a head banger from WAY back, looked like a natural.

I particularly loved this shot of Denise and Martin, chillin' on Friday night.

One of the things we did was sit around and watch that AC-DC DVD that I picked up at Wally World. It's always fun to watch Mick and his wife Irene bang their heads in bliss when this sort of music comes on. I love gettin' them in my car and turnin' up the volume.

They're all some two fisted drinkers, I wanna tell ya. I have to pace myself to keep up. Of course, coming from England, where the beer has a higher alcohol content, they're used to the hard stuff. Bunch of Guinness drinkers. They think our stuff is watered down.

That's Martin's wife, Carolyn, sitting between them there. She flew in Saturday.

It was a full house by Saturday night, after Carolyn flew in, with another teenager (the girl in the middle). She was some friend of thew family.

Yep, I was drinkin' too. We'd found Yuengling at Wally World and picked up a few 6-packs.

In the end, before we flew out on Sunday we celebrated Carolyn's birthday and fixed everyone breakfast burritos. Turned out they were a bunch of picky eaters. Some wanted no egg, and others wanted no cheese. I tell ya, they don't know what's good.

Next, I'll tell ya about the flight home. Cheers!

Oh yea, the election. Well, I did my part. I torn now between feelings of pride in seeing the process working, and pride in seeing a Black man elected president some 40 years after Martin Luther King's death. But I'm also pissed off that so many people made such an obviously bad choice.

I'm also pissed off that all we conservatives had to vote for was John McCain. The Republican party is broken folks. It needs to get back to it's roots and figure some shit out, or these assholes are gonna be running the country for another 40 years, like they did in the old days. God help us then.


pat houseworth said...

Time to move away from the Old Guard of the GOP...or to try another route for we Conservatives.

Oh Well! We have a few weeks to worry about which way things will exciting, but not really a good time for thinking Americans.

Mushy said...

Great shots...I could almost hear the cackling!

Yeah, the RP is terribly broken!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yep, there needs to be a step back and a rethink. What do we really stand for? What do we really offer?