Monday, November 03, 2008

Pictures from Florida.

The place we stayed at is a time share that Denise's British relatives have in Orlando. It's with the same company that runs our time share in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Very nice, and very comfortable. Fore more pictures, click here.

It was cool to see all the palm trees everywhere.

Of course, we have these in Texas, but mostly down in the valley, about half a days drive from where I live.

A buddy of mine has a tall Palm in his yard. I've been thinkin' about it myself.

Not long after getting there we decided to go to Wally World. We needed sandwich fixins. We also planned to make everyone breakfast burritos Sunday morning, so we got eggs, bacon and sausage, and a bag of big tortillas.

I also picked up the new AC-DC and Mettalica CDs, and the new "directors cut" AC-DC DVD. Denise's brothers In-Laws are head bangers from WAY back, so we enjoyed watchin' that DVD Friday night. You can see that I brought a nice stash of cigars for the trip too.

The place we spent most of our time during the weekend was the pool. It was just a short walk from the condo.

Denise's eldest daughter Chantel drove down from Kentucky with her kids, so we spent Saturday swimmin' with them. That littlest one, Colin, is a fish. He used my goggles Saturday (that's them he's wearin'), until he and his mom went to Wally World later that day and he got a mask and snorkel set.

The other young man there, Bryce, is a Freshman in high school. When he's not playing in the pool with his brother, he's mostly aloof, sitting off to himself, getting occasional text messages and calls from unknown friends. He's at the age where you get the impression he's putting up with you, but would rather be somewhere else. I can remember feeling that way myself, though I can also remember being a lot like the young Colin.

It was a great time. I spent about half my time in the water, tossin' Colin around, and then the other half sitting in the shade. These Brits love the sun, but I know how to find shade and stay in it.

The pool had a cool little Tiki bar that served adult beverages to the folks who were relaxing in the sun, and those of us who were relaxing in the shade.

The first time a waitress came to me I asked her if they had Yuengling on tap, and they did.

So, as I said, I spent about half my time sitting in the shade, drinking a Yuengling off the tap and smoking a cigar. It was a wonderful, relaxing time.

Sunday, as Denise and I were getting ready to fly home, little Colin was submerged in solitude, trying out his new mask and snorkel.

Next post, the Brits. Denise and her folks. Cheers!


Sarge Charlie said...

damn, we went through Orlando Saturday morning....

Chuck said...

Bryce sounds a lot like my 15 year old. She's rather text than talk.

Pictures look great! Especially the pics in first class. You know I'm always down for a tastefully placed crotch shot! Thanks for sparing us any pics of you in the pool! LOL

pat houseworth said...

Sounds like fun in the Sunshine State....relax and enjoy!

Mushy said...

Nice shots...looks like a great time to be there.

...and know, I ain't saying nothin' 'bout the daughter!

GUYK said...

Glad ya had a good time in the land of the sonny beaches

I had some people in from the Tejas myself over the weekend..must be something in the water out in Texas, HUH?

david mcmahon said...

Musta been Palm Sunday....