Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday stuff.

We went to Pedernales Falls again last weekend. I had the chance to get all the pictures done. They're uploaded to FlickR, so click over there and you can see them all.

This is a shot of the path that leads you to an overlook. You can see the whole falls from there, stretched out in a beautiful panorama.

Here's that view. Click on it to see the larger view. I think I merged about 5 or 6 pictures to get this one.

We got down there by about 8PM last Friday, paid our fee to camp and joined my friends who had been there for hours already. They only had to drive over from Austin, maybe 45 minutes away.

We got our tent and camp set up, cooked dinner, which consisted of pork chops and baked potatoes. Meanwhile, both of us were enjoying a few adult beverages. Denise was drinking Seagram's and &-UP, and I was drinking George Dickel and Diet Coke. I think we both had three tall glasses. Bein' a light weight, by the time we hit the sack, I was just a leeeetle...

Intoxicated... Fucked up.... Very happy! I think I was putting more whiskey in those Cokes than I should have. I can't speak for the little woman. She's got more stamina than I have when it comes to these things. Anyway, I had that really nice, warm, fuzzy feelin' goin' on. It's the same feeling I get sometimes, when I know I need to hand her the car keys. Seein' as how we were campin' though, and all I had to do was find the tent, I figured "what the hell". Yea, I'm a light weight. Easy. She gets me drunk and has her way with me often, but I'm NOT complaining.

The weather was cold that evening, but we do this camping thing up right, so we were very comfortable. We sleep on an air bed, with a goose down duvet covered with fitted sheets, and we have a down comforter to snuggle under. It was cozy as hell, and after filling my gut with good food and downing all that booze, I slept like a log. Denise did too. I think we laid around till almost 1PM Saturday. It was wonderful.

By Sunday, the temperatures had begun to warm up into the low 70s, so when we walked down to the river, it felt great to go wading on the low-water bridge there. I got a little video of the scene. There's no audio with this camera, but you can see the scene.

Today, Denise and I are heading up to Dallas. We have a room at the Hyatt, and two tickets to see the Arc Angels at the House Of Blues tonight at 8PM. Click over here to read about all that. I'm really lookin' forward to it. I'll try to take some good pictures and tell you all about it next week.

Saturday, we'll be sleeping in and then heading to Market Hall to attend the huge Gun Show there. My plan is to get myself a big, nice gun safe. I've got some other friends who'll be there too, so It should be fun.

After that we'll be heading over to Ft. Worth and visiting my buddy Jim and his wife Terry. He's gonna help me install the satellite radio receiver Denise got me for my birthday. We haven't seen him since our road trip last August, so it'll be good to hook up again.

Aside from all of that, we've had a great week, celebrating Mom's 81st birthday Wednesday and then going over there for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Mom had a great birthday, and we all had a great time yesterday. I'll be able to show you the pictures some time next week.

Finally, lets all say a prayer for those poor folks in India. What an amazing, and still unfolding tragedy that is. God bless the victims, and burn the bastards who did it.

So, you guys try to have a great weekend, and we'll talk again later. Cheers!


Mushy said...

Looks cozy as hell dude...sure with I was going to that concert! Oh yeah, I hope Dole is there!

phlegmfatale said...

wow - the falls looks like a stunning place!

Wow, too bad - I had tickets for the Arc Angels last night, too, but my concert buddies couldn't go with me, so I just didn't go at all. meh. Hope you had a great time.

Pat Houseworth said...

Great Photos....and my Gun Show story is on the blog this AM.