Thursday, November 06, 2008

Flyin' home first class.

We got to the airport and found out that we were gonna fly Business class, which is first class to most folks. It was quite a surprise, since we'd picked the cheapest tickets we could. They must have bumped us up. Who knows. I've flown business class before, flying back from ships when I used to go boating with the Navy. It's plush. You should all try it some time.

We started drinking while we waited for our plane to board. That's a "Shandy" on the right, and a lager on the left. Not a Yuengling though. They didn't have it at the airport. Can't remember what I had. Not memorable.

After killin' off that beer I tried their special "Manhattan". You were supposed to decide whether you wanted a red one or a blue one, because of the election. You can see how I butter my muffin.

The drinking continued as soon as we got on the plane. A stewardess leaned over the chairs in front of us and asked "Would you like some refreshments?" We looked at each other like naughty kids, and Denise asked if they has Segram's. Her booze of choice is always a 7&7, but this time she settled for a Canadian Club and Sprite. My drink was just a Rum and Coke. Free of charge, thank you very much.

Look at those little feets, not even long enough to touch the floor.

Mine on the other hand, were sprawled out like never before. I stretched them out and could just barely touch the back of the seat in front of me. I've never had this much leg room on a plane before in my life.

It was like bein' at home in the recliner. You punched a button and a foot rest folded up from under the seat. There was another button to adjust lumbar support, and another one to lean the seat back to almost a horizontal level.

Before we had a chance to get that comfortable though, the stewardess came by with lunch. We had turkey, pepperoni and Brie, with Jacob's Cream Crackers (eh Shrinkie?), Milano cookies, fruit and veggies, and a glass of water. Before the meal, or maybe after (I can't remember), they came by with hot, wet hand towels. It was all VERY civilized.

After the meal we reclined back and opened up the arm rest. Turned out there was a TV in there, and a remote on a cord attached to the inside of the arm rest. We each had or own little TV, and there were at least 5 or 6 different movies or shows being played on different channels. I was watching the latest remake of "Brideshead Revisited".

While all this went on we flew out over the Gulf Of Mexico, but soon we were back over dry land and headed for Houston. After a short layover there, spent in the sports bar, watching football games and drinking more adult beverages, we boarded a 737 for the short trip to Austin. That flight was first class too, but the difference between that flight and the one on the 767 was amazing.

There was less of everything. It was still better than coach, particularly considering the squalling baby that kept up a steady screech from take-off to landing. I think If I'd a been back there with that kid you might have seen my face in the news. Headline would read "Fat hairy bastard looses it on flight from Houston to Austin tying towel around face of 3 year old, and then beating kids parents severely, putting them in hospital."

We landed in Austin and headed strait for Pappasito's. The food was wonderful, and the drinks flowed. After that it was a smooth drive north to the hearth and home.

By the time we got to the house it was about 9Pm. The cats were VERY happy to see Denise. Me, they tolerate. She, they love. We dropped everything, crawled into bed and hit the sack. The alarm was set for 6:30AM. It would have been nice to have a day to detox, but it wasn't in the cards.

Well, that was it. Cheers!


Mushy said...

Wonderful way to travel...probably the only way Judy will ever get me on a flight again!

Suldog said...

Nothing like NOT traveling in steerage to make the trip pleasant :-)

When I was young, my Dad worked for Eastern Airlines. As a result, we got to travel, gratis, around the world, and most often first class, too. Spoiled the hell out of me. If I have to ride coach now, I pout for the duration.

pat houseworth said...

Hundreds of flights on once did I get a upgrade(cost me $25)...too cheap the other times. But it is a great way to go, especially on a long one.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

It was cool as hell. We both said it was too bad the flight only lasted two hours.

Becky said...

My parents upgraded me a couple of times with miles to first class and I've been envious ever since. Not worth paying for, though, but it sure did make the ride a lot easier.

Clay Bowler said...

First class is simply the best. I used to travel on business which meant I lived in airports. I was always kind to the check in desk. One day, I got to the airport a couple hours early. I went to check in. The lady said she wasn't ready. I said that's fine. She called travellers to check in a few moments later. I got in line. When I got to her, she said I am not ready for your flight yet. I said no problem. When I finally got to check in she handed me my ticket. I didn't look at it until they started getting us ready to board. I looked down at it--1C. That's first class! I went to her and told her she made a mistake. She said no, she had had a bad day in which a lot of people weren't very patient with her. She said I was the first nice person of the day and bumped me up. First class was sweet!

CharlieDelta said...

Flyin' really sucks unless the coctails are a'flowin! Looks like you had a great flight! Fly on...