Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, it's Friday....

And here I am at the library in San Saba, waitin' to give a test. I had to come in today to make up for the week we lost a while back due to the lock-down. It's no big deal really. I've had fun.

One of my new colleagues out here is a nice guy named Roger Ellis. He's a local boy, born and raised here. He's got about 400 acres of land he's inherited out here near the jail, including a nice stretch of pecan bottom along the San Saba river. He's got a few kids in the local schools and a newly EX wife around here somewhere. He ways he and some of his buddies, all divorced, like to get together out at the river on the weekends with a pickup load of beer and get wide, havin' a good old time, commiserating' over one anothers troubles. Sounds like fun to me.

Anyway, he came and got me today when my noon class ended at about 2:30 and drove me out to check out his property. As we drove out of the parking lot I was concerned that my cigar might bother him, but I think he was more concerned that I'd be upset to see him pull a beer out of the cooler in the back of his SUV. Sheeeit, I told him to hand me one and we set off to explore the country he's ranged over all his life. It was fun as hell!

Of course, not knowing where we were goin', I didn't think to take the camera out of the car, but we'll do it again some time and I'll get lots of cool shots to show ya.

One of the things we talked about along the way was the nature of his position with CTC, the college we both work for. I tried to give him whatever information I had, from 18 years of experience, on how things were gonna work out for him. He's only been teaching at the jail for about three semesters, so he's kinda new at all this. He's got an insurance business too.

Anyway, I gotta go. the library is closing. Cheers!


Now it's Saturday, so I have a chance to end this right. I had to work in San Saba last night so Denise was gonna go get mom and take her out, but mom begged off. She said she was feelin' puny again. Makes me worry, but there's nothin' I can do.

I filled up in Lampasas on the way home. $1.75 a gallon! About $23 bucks to fill up the tank. Woohooo!

After I got back to Denise's place I found her on the phone with her daughter (the one you saw in the Florida shots). She was crying, frustrated that she can't be there in Kentucky as her daughters marriage falls apart. I hugged her a lot and tried to make her feel better. We sat around watching TV, her having a 7&7 and me drinking a beer, snacking, and then we hit the sack.

We rolled around, waking up slowly this morning, and then she got up and fixed me breakfast. Three eggs and about six slices of bacon, and now she's at the hair dresser. We're goin' to a wedding this afternoon, and then a reception at a nice hotel in town. Free food and booze!

There might be a trip to a gun show in Austin Sunday, but we'll probably blow that off (goin' to a BIG one in Dallas next weekend) and spend the day movin' back into my place and relaxing.

You guys have a great weekend and we'll talk again soon. Cheers!

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