Friday, April 16, 2010

Funny how things work out.

I was depressed as hell last Wednesday afternoon. Feelin' low, as you read in the last post. I wanna thank my friends for their comments. Your words do have a healing effect. I feel the love.

Like I said, when I was sittin' there in the library, posting that stuff to the blog, I was feelin' as low as a rats ass. After getting out of my late class at the jail in San Saba, I called my wowman to see if she wanted to go watch me play pool in my Wednesday night league. She usually declines, but this time she didn't. I could tell from the tone of her voice that something was up, but I didn't say anything. I picked her up at my house and we headed over to the US Club.

Long story short, we had a wonderful time. She finally got to experience some of the fun of hanging out with Dave and the guys. She rooted for me as I won my match against a guy who was rated better than me. I played really well, and then she gave me a celebratory victory smooch after I won. It was great.

I guess the only good thing about a fight is the makin' up after. It turned out that she'd seen the earlier post, and was surprised when I invited her to come to watch me play. It was a sweet end to what had been a shitty day. Another hurdle cleared.

The good times continued into Thursday. It turned out the English teacher down in Florence had taken my second period Juniors on a field trip, so I just sat back and played on the computer for a while. Then, it turned out the school had a thing scheduled where the Seniors were taking 8th graders around, showing them the high school. So my day was easy. One of the other teachers, seeing that I only had a few kids for third period, told me I should give them to her and get the hell out of there. It didn't take me more than a few seconds to agree.

Next thing you know I'm zippin' down the road to San Saba, with visions of the Dairy Mart in my mind and a good cigar burnin' in my teeth.

I decided, since I had time to screw around, why not play with the camera.

It was a good cigar too. lasted me the whole way to Saba.

I made sure the cruise was set to just a hair (Bruno?) above the speed limit. I'm tryin' to be good. Too many pricks out there with radar, and too many points pilin' up. And don't mind the Check Engine light. It's just the busted gage in the gas tank. Too many extra clicks of the handle when I fill up. Do take note of the miles. These trips to Saba are pilin' 'em up quick.

The real reason for the camera was to finally capture some pictures of the Bluebonnets that I get to enjoy along the road to Saba.

We got a lot of rain late last year and early this year, so the wild flowers are poppin' up all over the place.

I usually don't have time to stop, having just enough time to get from Florence to Saba in time for my noon classes. One of these weekends, soon, Denise and I will to a Hill Country drive. They tell me the flowers around Llano are amazing.

The other reason for the camera was to capture the amazing Jalapeno Sourdough bread Bacon Cheeseburger in all it's glory.

Yep. The best thing about gettin' out of Florence early is a chance to go to the Dairy Mart and enjoy one of these rare treats.

Today was another easy morning in Florence. I took roll, visited with friends and watched a few episodes of Clone Wars on the laptop.

I bought the DVD set of the first season at Wally World last weekend. I love the world George Lucas created for the movies, but I never get a chance to watch any of it on TV, so these are all new to me. Excellent.

Now, after posting this, I'm gonna get out the vacuum cleaner and try to spruce this place up a bit. A buddy of mine, Dave Waters, is bringing his girlfriend over at 6PM and the four of us are gonna go out to Applebee's for dinner. I can taste those BBQ ribs now. Mmmmm, good. And we've never met his new woman, so it's gonna be interesting on many levels.

The regular Friday night dinner with Mom is postponed to Saturday. Maybe I can get the girls to do to Dynasty, seein' as how it's my turn to pay. Anyway, the drizzly rain we're having has freed me up from the drudgery of yard work, so it might just be a nice, restful weekend.

So I'm feelin' better. I guess I'm richer than I realized in that moment. Rich in friends and lucky that they are willing to share their wisdom with me. I'm still figurin' this shit out, so I guess I need all the help I can get. I hope you guys are feelin' good and have a good, restful weekend too. Cheers.


BRUNO said...

Yeah-h-h, looks about like a RED-cunt hair, there. With just a wee-bit of tolerance, yet.

Too many "clicks" at the gas-pump. Don't tell me you've got that same annoying habit my wife does, of "tapping the last few drops" out of the nozzle? Or "bumping" the trigger, just to gain that last 3-ounces?

Annoying as hell---and rough on the lip-seal of the tank.(Might be why your engine light is on, indeed---probably have an air-leak between your cap and the seal?)

Only time I'll "shake my hose like a pecker" after a fill is if I'm filling a Diesel---I let the froth settle for about 15-seconds, an' piss-in another couple gallons or so.

You know---just to be contrary about it...!

(P.S.: Hell, boy---"lovers'-spats" are old-school stuff! Shit, I thought it was somethin' serious-bad! Glad to see YOU are finally maturing...☺!)

FHB said...

Yep, that's the hair I was thinkin' of. And yea, I usually click it a few times. Even out those numerals. And, it was more than a "lovers spat". More like breakin' up stuff. Still workin' it out, but things are better. We'll see.

BRUNO said...

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Just like a splinter: It'll eventually work it's way out, one way or another.

And buy yourself a NEW filler-cap, put a little-bitty dab of Vaseline around the rubber seal, then see if that nasty ol' engine light stays on.

I fixed a problem like that once in less than 15-seconds, with a roll of black electrical tape.

I stuck a piece of it over the offending dash light---problem SOLVED...!☺