Monday, April 12, 2010

We sent the Brits off to Minnesota this morning...

At the butt crack of dawn. Really. We were so deep in the crack the sun couldn't even shine in on us. There was also a thick fog, thicker than any I'd seen in a long time. I hesitated to say something about London weather, seein' how these folks are from up north. Yorkshire.

Their plane was gonna start boarding at 6:30, for a 7AM take-off, so we had to get up at 5 to get them there on time to get their luggage stowed and through security. It was a tearful departure. Which is to say that Denise and Carolyn teared up. Denise always gets very emotional at these times. I think she'd give her right arm to be closer to her family. But the job is in Killeen. And I guess me bein' here is a factor too.

Sunday was a relaxed day. We all slept in (well I did anyway), and then the girls produced a wonderful breakfast. You can see Martin here, fiddling with his silverware, waiting for his omelet.

Pretty damn good fare. We enjoyed a ham and cheese omelet with bacon, fried taters and buttered sourdough toast on the side. There were also cinamon rolls. It was all wonderful.

After that we relaxed some more. I went over to my house to see to the cats and pick up provisions. Meanwhile, the Brits were watching the Masters, rooting for yet another Brit.

Later in the evening we all piled into Denise's car and headed for Wal Mart. These Brits LOVE Wal Mart. Not sure why. Too much stuff to wade through I guess.

I took a shot of this Barbie Mustang GT convertible and sent the shot to Denise's daughter Lynn. I've been threatenin' to get it for her baby daughter Payton. Let it sit in a box till the kid's grown into it. Wadda ya think?

Anyway, after the shopping spree, we all went out to have dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. We all ordered steaks, and Carolyn and I enjoyed the special, with two little lobster tails on the side. Each one amounted to about two bites of lobster for me, but once you dipped them in the butter sauce, it was well worth it. Anyway, Martin and Carolyn were paying, so what the hell.

So, they're off now. We'll miss them, but we'll see them again. They're gonna spend this week in Minnesota, with some of Denise's old inlaws, and then they fly back to Old Ambion at the end of the week. Here's hopin' all their travels are easy and they get home safe and sound.

Of course, I'm back to work, sittin' here in the library in San Saba, between classes. It's already been a long day. I can't wait to hit the pillow this evening. Y'all be good and we'll talk again soon. Cheers!


Suldog said...

Bacon, home fries, toast... Oh, God, is it lunchtime yet?

It is? Yay!

FHB said...

Aaaahahaha. I always seem to catch you at meal time.