Friday, April 30, 2010

Headin' down to Austin with a buddy of mine tonight.

The plan is to head down there, find a good meal somewhere, and then see if we can get a couple of cheap tickets to see Van Morrison at the Bass Hall. We thought about getting tickets a long time ago, but they were goin' for an astronomical sum, so we declined. Then Morrison cancelled the gig and rescheduled.

When we heard the concert was on again, we figured it'd be a cool date night, with Glenn and his wife and Denise and I. Well, nether of the women want to stand outside the Bass and surf scalpers, so it'll just be Glenn and I. If it turns out that we can't get tickets to see Van the Man for like $40 (we're committed to spending no more than that), we will have many other options.

The same evening, down at Stubb's BBQ, these folks are playing. The show is sold out, but we'll see about that.

Meanwhile, down at the Paramount, this guy will be playing.

And down at Gruene Hall, near New Braunsfels, these guys will be putting on a show.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's dozens of other musicians playin' here and there in town... The Live Music Capitol of the world??? Or so they say. We should have a great time.

Y'all see if you can roust one up too. Cheers.


Sarge Charlie said...

I hope you scored those tickets, you are having fun anyway.

FHB said...

We're gonna try. Should be fun, one way or the other.

RT said...

I just watched "It Might Get Loud".

.... it was pretty cool.

.... Thanks for the heads up.

FHB said...

RT - Glad you liked it. I think I'm gonna have to ad that one to the library.