Saturday, May 15, 2010


And if that won't do it for ya, dig this. Wild eh? Cheers.


Sarge Charlie said...

holy shit sums it up, that is an ATV

BRUNO said...

I can relate to the FIRST-one: Everything "moves", an' it's ugly as sin, in a GOOD-way!

But as for the SECOND-one at the other link? No thanks---too damned "gaudy"!

Although it might be handy as a Pimp-mobile in Detroit, ya' know....!

FHB said...

Actually, I think the second one is a refined version of the first one. They seem to have the same capacity to twist the front tires up and down.

BRUNO said...

I'll stick with the UN-refined version, then---I LOVE "ugly", when it involves anything off-road!

Although, with the same capabilities---just think how nice it'd be, to have the "refined"-version, in place that resembles the old movie, "Escape From L.A.". Or, "Escape From New York".

Or maybe a NEW-one titled "Driving Through East St. Louis At Three In The Morning"...LOL!!!