Friday, May 21, 2010

What I've been up to lately.

Last weekend, Denise and I flew to Nashville, rented a car...

We called it the "Bread Truck"... and drove up to Bowling Green to watch her youngest kid get her Masters Degree from Western Kentucky University.

The fun started along the way, when we discovered a Pappasito's near our gate at DFW Airport.

It was like they knew we was comin'! All we had time for was the chips and spicy queso, and that's a Negra Modelo there. Good, dark Mexican beer, off the tap.

Of course, another reason for the trip was to give Denise a chance to spend some time with her new granddaughter.

I was packed with all the appropriate gear. A few good cigars, a new torch (my trusty old one finally died on me), a cutter, my blade, and extra batteries for my old camera.

Of course, any trip to Kentucky includes a stop along the way for fresh Yuengling. They sell the stuff at stop-n-robs along 65. Very handy.

The big event was Friday (we flew in Thursday night). It was cool, but it lasted all friggin' day long. Congratulations to Lynn on her achievement. Well done.

Another reason for me to go on this trip was to put together a little toy I'd bought and had shipped to Lynn's house. Call me crazy, but I picked up a nice new car for the little ankle biter.

It's a battery powered "Barbi" Mustang GT. I saw it a while back in Wal Mart and decided little Payton had to have one. It took me about 45 minutes or an hour, long sweaty minutes to put the thing together, but in the end, it was well worth it.

Of course, women are a fickle lot. Hard to please. But in time, when she's old enough to drive it (in about 3 years), it'll be there for her to enjoy.

On the Saturday after the graduation, we all went back to Lynn's place for the party. You can see little Payton has a taste for the hard stuff.

I found myself some o' that hard stuff too. Barrel select. They don't sell this stuff around here. Brought these two home in the bag. Good to go.

The party food was wonderful. Denise made some of her famous Southern Comfort Punch, and her ex-hubby made some awesome cheese dip.

He also grilled burgers, brats and hot dogs on the grill out back. Those Brats were the best. Wonderful stuff.

In the end, Sunday afternoon, we drove back down to Nashville and started the trip home.

Back in DFW airport, we chose to eat dinner at the TGI Fridays. I love their Jack Danial's burger.

Anyway, this is a quick one. I'm in the library at San Saba again, and it's time to go back to the jail. I'm here on Friday making up some classes that I'm gonna miss in a few weeks. I'll tell ya about that next time. Gotta go. Cheers.


Sarge Charlie said...

ok grandpaw, you will like my post today "being and grandfather"

Sarge Charlie said...

fyi, I gave my son a hot wheels track race car set when he was 6 mo old, by the time he was old enough to play with it i had already worn it out.

FHB said...

Aaahahaha, That's hilarious. I had one of those hot wheels sets too. Loved it to death. I'll check the blog.

Mushy said...

I was loving all the photos until I got to the Dickle and after that everything else just seemed to fade away! Wish I still liked to drink it!

BRUNO said...

To hell with DRINKIN' it---just rub it on yore hide, an' absorb it "trans-dermally"!

What it don't KILL, it'll REPEL, an' quench-the-itch as well, with only ONE-handful.....!!!☺

FHB said...

Mushy - WHAT? That's like Popeye sayin' he's tired of Spinach. My head is spinning.

Bruno - Yep, just rub it on and go. better'n Deet.

PRH....... said...

Cigars, Dark Beer, and getting the kids through College...sounds like a worthwhile weekend to me!