Monday, May 24, 2010

The weekend.

Since I had to work here in San Saba all day last Friday, Denise and I didn't have time to go get mom and take her out to eat. So, after sleepin' in and relaxing, she and I drove over to Temple Saturday night and made up for it. It was my turn to pay, so guess where we went?

Oh yea, and it looked just like this too (Yep, I'm reusin' and old shot... Hell, it doesn't get any better lookin' than this, and this way the ladies don't get all snitty with me for takin' pictures). The food at Dynasty in Temple was fresh and delicious, as I hoped.

The shrimp were scarce in the Shrimp Fried Rice, but I made up for it with shrimp and crab meat (wanna be) from another dish. The Generals Chicken was as good as ever, and the egg rolls were good too. There was even fried chicken wings and fried scallops on the side. I'm tellin' ya, one plate just about did me in.

After dinner we went to the Dairy Queen by the mall and got three small Heath Bar Blizzards for desert. That just about did me in. Like a lion that's just gorged itself on a gazelle, all I could do was lay on mom's bed and vegetate. I may even have had a short nap. I can't remember.

Denise and I had plans to go to the multiplex and see Robin Hood after dinner, but something went wrong there. We got back to Mom's place with those Blizzards, sat (or laid) down in front of the TV and didn't budge until it was too late. We made plans to see it Sunday, but those caved in on us too.

Denise got a wild hair and decided to clean off my front porch. She dug out all my planters and used to hose to wash everything off. I was doin' laundry and pissin' around on this thing. At one point, midway through the afternoon, I called Mom and told here I was comin' over. She'd had a project for me Saturday night, but I didn't have the energy then.

I drove over, with the sun roof open and the cigar smoke wafting out. The tunes were blaring too. I recently picked up the latest CD from the Black Keys. It's wonderful, if you're into them. Check it out.

The project turned out to be an air conditioner that she'd bought for my sister back when she was living with mom a while back. Sis had taken the unit with her when she moved to Oklahoma City, and then had returned it when she moved into a place that had good AC.

The upstairs room at mom and dad's place is always hot. Really unpleasantly hot in the summer, so mom went out and got this AC unit that plugs into the window and circulates all the warm air out as it generates cool air for the room.

You should'a heard me cussin'. I had a HELL of a time fittin' that long plastic part into the window. I tried to call my sister, who had originally set the thing up, but only got her voicemail. Sheit! But in the end I figured it out, and now the thing is coolin' the room so that my cousin Sue can come up from Houston and visit mom and not swelter in the heat.

There's other stuff to cover, but I'll have to wait for another day to take you there. The library is closing and it's time to head back to the jail. I'll take the class from about 1652 to 1748 today. Fast and furious. Y'all be good. Cheers.


BRUNO said...

Hell, that's more like a "Fart-Ejector", in MY neck-of-the-woods......!

Suldog said...

Damn you. I've been thinking about ordering in Chinese food for supper, all day, and had just decided not to do so, and then this.

Maybe it's a sign. Yeah. I'll go with that.

Dave K said...

We've had the exact same AC unit in our bedroom for a few years now. (Good ole QVC. Thanks to my wife I'm on a first name basis with our UPS man) It's a PITA to fit and get it to stay put in our old sliders and since ours has to go in vertically, it was always slipping out. This year I finally said to hell with it, drilled some small pilot holes in the side of the plastic and screwed one side right into the window frame with some 5/8" screws.

Works like a charm though. Any given night it drops the temp in our sauna bedroom from 78, 77 down to 70 in an hour or so.

FHB said...

Bruno - No doubt brother. It'd work fine for that.

Sully - Sorry man, but I gotta do what I gotta do. One of these days I'll have a triple bypass and have to stop eatin' like this, but I'm gonna enjoy it while I can.

Dave K - Yep, it works like a charm. It'd be great in a cabin or trailer, and works wonders upstairs at mom's place.