Saturday, May 29, 2010

I know at least one dude who'd shit himself if he had one of these in his living room.

Of course, his loving wife would probably make him move it to the basement, but there you go.

Yep, at least one, maybe two or three. But I'm with the guy that posted it. I think it'd be way cooler if it was an Apache gunship simulator. OK, we're all in agreement then.


BRUNO said...

Believe I'd like the NASCAR-version better, if for no other reason than the sound-effects!

And a second-one in a P-51 "Tank-Killer"-format, or somethin' similar.

Hell, I think they use somethin' similar to this machine to train "green-horn" OTR-truckers, & some heavy-equipment operators---but don't quote me on that???

And, just to keep the "driver" honest, if you will---since it's "only a similator, a hit won't hurt!"---put a padded ram, in the center of that "wheel"! That ways, when ya' get too cocky an' side-swipe a guard-rail, you'll feel a sample of the REAL-thang, an' learn a quick lesson...LOL!

FHB said...

Mmmm,, maybe an A-10. Yea, that'd be cool.

BRUNO said...

Nah-h-h---I like props!

But then again, an A-10 IS one of the ugliest "birds" around.....!

Mushy said...

Put me in an A-10 and let me rock!