Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another full day today.

2nd graders. The teacher had them do a writing assignment early on. "What's your most valuable possession?" I look over one kids shoulder and he's written "PS2, my family, my skateboard."

I wanted to sit them all down and tell 'em "Hey, pay attention. The toys and stuff you guys are all thinkin' of are nothing. The most valuable thing you own, the only real thing you own is YOURSELF!" But that would'a gone right over their heads. It's the kind of stuff I used to hit the high school kids with back in the day.

But to see the one kid include his family in with his PlayStation 2 and his skateboard, I though that was pretty cool for a 2nd grader.


*Goddess* said...

"Good health" would have gone right over their heads too.

Mushy said...

Good stuff...maybe you should read them "Ferdinand"!

FHB said...

Goddess - True, true. They're too young to think about that.

Mushy - I looked for it in the school library today. No luck, but I'll keep looking.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I thought that was pretty-good myself, that he included his family in there, too.

Ranked just below the PS-2, but still higher than a skateboard!

Priorities, y' know....!