Monday, March 21, 2011

"We'll call you the Big Boss."

I substituted down in Florence again today. Elementary school PE.

Each class, Pre-K to 5th graders, had essentially the same routine. The weather was nice so the other teacher and I took the kids through exercises and a short run in the gym, and then it was out to the playground. The really little ones just played around. I ended up helpin' some of them out on the swing set. All I had to do was grab the first one, pull him up to about eye level and let him go and the next thing I knew they were linin' up to get a push, gigglin' their heads off and yellin' "I wanna go higher!" With the older ones, third grade and on, it was a game of Kick Ball.

I haven't played Kick Ball in like 40 years. It was hilarious. I took charge while the other teacher watched the other kids who wanted to play soccer or just run around. I tried to pick equal teams, but I guess I'm no good at that. One team would inevitably end up with a few ringers, and a 12 or 15 run lead. I was pitching, so it shouldn't have been so one sided, but it always was. So, after a few innings, I decided that once the score got so lopsided, I'd start playing for the losing team. Try to give 'em a boost.

Sheeeit. My first kick (after like 40 years, remember) was a massive, glorious pop fly. I must'a kicked that rubber ball 80 miles into the air, straight up and down, and into the arms of the other teams pitcher. So, I'm standing in line with these 3rd graders, waiting for my next turn and they're lookin' up at me like I'm 10 feet tall. One girl looks up at me with the others and says "We're gonna call you the Big Boss." I laughed and said "OK, I'll answer to that."

Oh, and I did get a base hit, later on with the 4th graders. Then a kid that must'a been 4 feet 7 inches and 80 pounds soppin' wet kicked an inside the park homer and I got to run the rest of the bases. It must have been a spectacle.

Anyway, Tether Ball was always my game. Not a bad way to spend a Monday at work. Cheers.


BRUNO said...

Probably looked like "Godzilla-vs.-The Lawn-Gnomes" on the kick-ball court...!!!☺

FHB said...

No doubt! Cruddy middle school English class tomorrow. Back to bein' a cop, standing over them and tellin' 'em to shut up over and over.

PRH....... said...

What a web life weaves...good for you big guy. This is real hope and change, forget that shit the Kenyan wants...what you are doing, going through is the real thing!

FHB said...

I'm mostly enjoying myself. Trying to stop thinking about what I've lost.

BRUNO said...

No. Don't think about it like that.

Think about it from the angle of what you COULD HAVE lost.

You've still got a foundation.(As in, your HEALTH.)

You've still got your framework, though a bit-twisted an' damaged.(Nope! That's HAIR, not MOLD!)

You're only missing a chunk of your protective-siding.(Egos' only hurt when they're bruised, don't they?)

So start FIXING-"it". No, won't happen overnight. Maybe not "over-year".

But, the sooner ya' get started, the sooner you'll be kept "dry", again...!☺

FHB said...

I hear ya brutha. I'm gettin' past it. Movin' on.