Thursday, November 23, 2006

OK, I'm sufficiently bloated and tanked up now...

You can cart me away. Mom's feed was excellent. Turkey and ham, cornbread dressing covered with gravy, green peas, cranberry sauce on the side, and fruit salad covered with home made whipped cream. And the Cowboys beat Tampa Bay like step children. A hell of a nice day. Hope your day was just as good. We'll be having leftovers Sunday, if you can figure out where the house is, you're welcome to be there. Ha, I'm such a tease.

And finally, here's something serious, in the spirit of the holidays, in thanks and gratitude to all the folks who have served, in memory of all the folks who've fallen overseas. Go ahead. It's not nasty. I promise.


Christina said...

First you make me laugh, then you make me cry.

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

barista grazioso said...

Oh my gosh....the tears are just streaming. That was incredible. Thank you.

Mushy said...

Sorry dude...just can't watch it - breaks my heart.

What I really hate is that there is no draft and guys are having to go 2, 3, or more times. It just ain't right.

I went to 'Nam and knew I had a year to do and would never have to come back...that helped - some.

I hate to see the draft come back, but I hate this shit more.

Fathairybastard said...

I hear ya, but the guys I talk to tell me they don't want draftees watching their back. Seen too many vietnam movies about draftees doing drugs and freakin' out.

doug said...

As a former Marine, and as a father who's son is on his 3rd tour in Iraq....... Thank you