Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dinner and a concert...

Or, how we spent our Sunday evening in Austin and Bee Caves.

This is all that's left of what's called the Del Mar plate down at Pappasito's, after about ten minutes of my piranha-like ass chowin' down. It's a hot, sizzlin' plate of chicken and beef fajitas for two, with all the fixin's, and four of those lovely brochette shrimp tossed in for the pure sin of it. You can see one left there, cowering next to that little bowl of butter and white wine sauce. He's not long for this world! OK, we were hungry and in a hurry so I forgot to get the "before" shot. You'll have to settle for the "after' shot. Believe me, it was gooooood!

We got to the venue, The Backyard, in Be Caves, west of Austin, and got in there at 6:30.

It was a Lone Star for me, for patriotic reasons, and a 7&7 for Denise. Most of $20 shot. Damn!

The fun folks were out and about, but not anything like you'd see at a festival type concert. There was no cloud of Patchouli to be avoided, though I did recognize a certain familiar concert odor once or twice. Old folks are still blazin' up I guess.

The place is nice, with plenty of spots to eat and drink inside the venue, and lots of cool old oaks to provide shade.

Joe Cocker came out and was wonderful.

I tell ya, he can still belt out those tunes. His voice is still amazing, and his band was great.

The main act was Steve miller. He came out at about 9PM and started playin' all the familiar hits from the 70s. Then he teased us, tellin' us he had a few guests that were gonna come out in a while. Soon enough, Erick Johnson and Jimmy Vaughn came walkin' out and plugged in.

This was a huge surprise, but maybe it shouldn't have been. You know these guys grew up, like I did, lovin' Millers sound. And they're both local boys.

They played with Miller for about 45 minutes, doin' lots of old blues numbers like "Smokestack Lighnin'" and "Crossroads". Then they left and Miller finished the next hour or so with the rest of his great hits. In the end, the final encore was "Space Cowboy". Loved it!

During the gig Miller made reference to about 45 tracks he'd just recorded, old blues numbers, with Led Zeppelin's old arranger. That might be a cool set of tunes to look for.


Sarge Charlie said...

You got to back off on the food, my doctor asked me if I wanted to see 72 I needed to lose 25 pounds.

JDP said...

Old Rockers Never Die ...... They just go deaf and have to turn the volume up even more!


Mushy said...

Very nice write up old folks still rock!

pat houseworth said...

My Gawd, those old geezers look we?

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Sarge - I hear ya. Started goin' to the gym on campus, swimmin'. Plannin to get back into liftin' weights and stuff. Need to lose 25 myself.

JDP - Very true my man. I crank it all the time.

Mushy - Yes you do man. Yer still show in' me good new stuff all the time. Love it.

Pat - Yep, but you don't look bad. Just think of it as a patina.