Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mom's Irises.

Denise and I went over to Temple last Friday to visit with mom and eat Chinese food. Yep, the generals chicken was in effect, as was the shrimp fried rice and egg roll. I won't make you look though. That would be too cruel. Anyway, I didn't take a picture, so you're spared the trauma of the look at the juicy Chinese goodness. Next time.

After the feed we went back to the house and spent some time in her garden. She and Denise plucked old buds from the rose bush as I went around taking pictures.

The plant that always gets my attention are the Irises. Those suckers are almost as tall as I am.

Beautiful, ain't they?

We'll be headin' back over there this Friday for the same old goin's on. Always a treat. Mom's doin' fine by the way. My big sis is still a huge pain in her ass, but she's found a new way to pay her back a little. Way too much stupid drama. More than I wish mom had to deal with, but she's doin' fine. Proud of her!

Anyway, I'll see ya later. Cheers.


Suldog said...

Just cruisin' to see who else might be celebrating the Celtics victory. I didn't expect to see you doing so, but figured I'd drop in anyway. However, you talked of Chinese food, and that was about all Red Auerbach ever ate, so the circle of life is complete - or something like that :-)

pat houseworth said...

Great photos...too bad your sis is a pain in you mum's and your ass...but sometimes you just have to let it slide.....or kick some ass!

Sarge Charlie said...

your mom is an excellent gardener.

Mushy said...

Probably got a "green thumb" like me Ma has!

I have a photo of here standing by a sunflower that's a good 4 to 5 feet taller than she is.

I did not get the gene.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Sully - Man, I ate the General Chicken for lunch today! It's like kizmet, or something. Congrats on the win! I know you're happy.

Pat - Dude, if she was my brother and not my sister a LOT of shit would have been dealt with VERY differently!

Sarge - Yes sir, she is. She was HEAVILY influenced by the English gardens she saw during their two tours there. Every house we've lived in has ended up with a huge garden that usually helped sell the house.

Mushy - She's a farm girl, like your mama, soo there's a deep tradition they're both living up to. And no, I didn't inherit much of that ether. too far removed from the farm.

Nancy said...

She has a lovely garden, and obviously well tended. I believe, though that the orange flowers are a very nice lookin' Canna Lily.

and sigh....I've a mooch of a sister myself, who furhermore has amooch of a son...who is raising HIS family on my mom's dime. Sigh