Friday, June 13, 2008

The weekend.

It looks like we're in for another good time this weekend, but before I tell you about that, let me tell you about what happened in one of my classes last night.

I started a new semester Monday with four History classes and one Government class on base. Two are daily classes, from 11:30 to 1:30 every day. Two are Monday/Wednesday night, from 4:45 to 10PM, and one is Tuesday/Thursday nights from 7:30 to 10PM. last nights 7:30 class got loud for a short time when one of my students said something that set a few folks off.

This guy is an older soldier, originally from Massachusetts. His accent is thick and fun to listen to. He likes to chime in regularly as I lecture, usually bringing up some vaguely relevant information he's seen on the History Channel, or somewhere else. It's an occupational hazard... Students who hear something familiar in my lecture, who've seen something on TV and want to put their two cents worth in. I'm usually cool about it. Lots of time I've seen the show too and it helps me to explain what I'm talkin' about, but this guy does it a bit too much.

Anyway, last night I was talkin' about the Age of Exploration and the first confrontations between the Spanish and the Aztecs in the early 1500s. I described it, in technological terms, as a case where the late Stone Age was confronted by the late Middle Ages. This guy chimes in, saying something like "Well, that's like the thing between Northerners and Southerners. Northerners being more sophisticated, quicker with better technology."

I just stood there for a second, looking to see if he was serious. In seconds people in the class were laughing but one guy in the back came very close to standing up and askin' him to go outside. I wanted to say something like "Mother fucker, get the hell out of my class!", but I held it together and made a joke out of it. Thought later I should have said somethin' like "Hey, you know why Yankees are like hemorrhoids? If they come down and go back up it's cool, but if they come down and stay down there'll be a HUGE pain in your ass!"

Now, no offence intended guys, but DAMN! What a typical load if arrogant Yankee bullshit!

Anyway, we're lookin' forward to a good time this Saturday. Denise and I are gonna drive up to Dallas early, check in to the Hyatt and then head to the big gun show at Market Hall. My gunsmith emailed me while I was off in Canada fishing to tell me he'd finally finished my new AKS-74 and he was ready for me too pick it up. He does good work, so I'm lookin' forward to getting it.

I gave him the parts set for the build about a year ago and I've been waiting patiently since then. In the last year he's moved his shop from Burleston, South of Ft. Worth, to somewhere in East Texas, so I knew there'd be a delay. He specializes in building FN FALs, but has built me about five nice Kalashnikovs in the past and I've always been very happy with his work.

After the Gun Show we'll be heading over to a good friends apartment nearby and attending a party. We'll be meeting up with a sweet lady who's been a great friend, sister and confidant of mine in the last year. I can't wait. There'll be other bloggers there too, so it should be fun.

We'll head back down here Sunday and try to get some more yard work done. It's pilin' up again, as it always seems to do. You guys try to relax, stay cool and have a good time, and we'll get together again on the other side. Cheers.


Mushy said...

Man, I sure wish you had unleashed that temper of yours! The asshole!

I need to hear more about this trip in an email.

Jerry said...

I used to get so sick of that east coast attitude when I lived up in Pennsylvania. We had lots of immigrants from New England at work. They talk...a lot. What really plays with their heads is if you give them the silent treatment, and then say things like, "Are you sure about that?" or "What makes you think that way?" They will fall all over themselves stuttering. Hee hee!

Lin said...

Have a great time at the show and give Phlegmmy a big hug for me, okay?

Hammer said...

Man, that was the biggest thing I hated about college. People piping up with ill informed opinions and bullshit.

doggybloggy said...

the right the left the up the down...any 'overly stated' projection is just that - overly stated. and whats wrong with the history channel any way... you SHOULD be peeved because you could BE working for them!

I think that is a true statement.

Rabbit said...

It was great to finally meet you and yours both tonight. That's a fine AK you've got there as well.

As the great-great grandson of a Texas Confederate cavalry officer, I'm positive I wouldn't have handled your Yankee least, the Yankee wouldn't have thought well of it.


Becky said...

That's a pretty jackass comment, esp. since he was in south when he said it. Dumbass.