Monday, June 02, 2008

Goin' fishin' this week.

I finished a semester today and I've got a week off before the next gig gets rollin'. So I'm flyin' up to Syracuse New York and spendin' the night at a hotel. Then my Cousin Bob, the guy in the head lock there, will drive by with his son-in-law and another buddy and pick me up on the way up to Gananoque, up in Ontario, Canada.

Of course, it's not as easy as all that. I'm leavin' out of Killeen at about noon tomorrow but I don't arrive in Syracuse till 11:30 PM. Turns out I have a six hour layover in Atlanta! Any Ideas out there about how I should kill some of that time? Right now I plan to bet most of a book read that I've been nibblin' at for weeks.

I'll get to Syracuse late and check into a hotel there on the main highway going through town. Then my cousin and his buds will zip by Wednesday morning and pick me up. We'll be fishing on the lake within' about four hours of that.

We've fished up there annually for several years now, staying at Griffin's Lakeside Cottages and Lodges. We've fished there enough now we feel like we know where most of the fish are and usually have a huge time catchin' 'em.

I couldn't go last year due to a scheduling problem. The college changed around the dates when a semester ended and another started, meaning I wasn't gonna to be off on the dates we'd set up at the end of the '06 trip, a year in advance. I was SOOOO pissed I couldn't go, but in the end I told Bob that it was probably a good thing. This way the other guys would get a chance to catch some fish.

The joke there was a good one, because after not catchin' many fish for several years, 2006 was my year. The other guys were stunned. It seemed like every time I threw a hook in the water I was snaggin' a decent sized Bass or Pike. It was glorious. A wonderful time. I'm hoping, expecting my good fortune to continue this week. It's skill, after all, not luck!

Anyway, we'll fish Wednesday to Saturday and then get up early Sunday for the drive back. They'll drop me off along the way at the airport in Syracuse and I should be back home by about 6:30PM. No layovers on that stretch.

I'll have some cool pictures to post, no doubt, and good stories to tell. You guys take care and enjoy the stuff I have set up to automatically post themselves as the week progresses (love that new feature). There's another woodsy post comin' up, but it's not really about the woods. Fun though, anyway.


Mushy said...

I'm jealous...sounds like fun!

J said...

I would really like to know what book it is you speak of!

JDP said...

Have a great time FHB, always wanted to go fishing up in the northern US or Canada. Never did make it.


Christina LMT said...

Have fun, FHB!

pat houseworth said...

Syracuse...was stationed up that way for 2 years after Vietnam...Rome, NY...beautiful country, too bad the damn winters last 10 months!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Mushy - I'd love to have you along.

J - The Road, by Cormack McCarthy. Wonderful author. Wonderful book.

JDP - That's too bad man. Maybe it could still happen.

Christina - Loved it. Thanks.

Pat - Man, when I spent the night in the hotel there the place was FULL of Air Force NCOs. Loved it.