Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bein' bad, now and then.

Not too often, but every now and then, I like to kick in the afterburner on the Silver Bullet and feel the rush. You know, the rush that comes from doin' stuff that you know could friggin' kill ya.

There's a few spots along the road leadin' to San Saba that call for this sort of thing, now and then. Long, undulating straightaways where you can see the road ahead for a mile and a half or so and know if the coast is clear. Well the other day, goin' to work, I felt the need, and the coast was clear.

Comin' down a low hill, lookin' out west over the undulating road that leads me to San Saba county from Lometa, I didn't see anyone ahead, so I let the beast off the chain and enjoyed about a minute and a half of real velocity.

In no time at all the dial was close to 120, smooth as shit, with no shaking or sputtering at all from my trusty steed. Then I looked out ahead and saw a car coming from about a mile away, so I took my foot off the peddle and applied the break, bringin' her back to something like a legal speed. I guess I was goin' about 75 by the time I rose back up onto the next low hill and into view. Next thing I know a highway patrolman is passing by on my left, heading the other way. He never even slowed down. No breaks or lights. Life is good!

I know. I won't do it again... I promise.

While I enjoy my journey through the Texas countryside each day, I regularly light up a good cigar. I crank the radio, crack the sun roof and blaze up, and usually smoke it all the way down by the time I reach my destination. It's always sad though, when I've smoked a good friend down to the nub and have to toss it. I've often joked about needing to get myself a roach clip so I can continue to enjoy the pleasures of the leaf just a little while longer. Well, I've finally found something like a solution.

You know those bamboo skewers they sell at the grocery store, that people use to grill shrimp and stuff? Well, when you cut one down and stick it through the end of the nub, I've found that it makes a handy little tool. I can continue to smoke my nub without having to roast the ends of my fingers, or risk accidentally dropping in in my lap.

It works beautifully! OK, it might look a bit odd, but who gives a damn about that? I don't do this in a bar. That's what my pen knife is for! Anyway, give it a try, if you're of a mind. See what you think.

Well folks, it's Friday, and we've got rain wafting up from Mexico today. The land is happily soaking it up, dry from many months of unrelenting drought. As an extra special benefit, my car got a good cleaning on the drive to and from Florence this morning. I called Mom on the drive back and she's expecting us tonight. Denise and I'll head over to Salado later today so I can get a haircut, then drop my dry cleaning off in Temple, and then we'll pick Mom up and take her out to eat.

We haven't been able to do this Friday ritual in a while. Ether she's been sick or I've had to drive to San Saba on a Friday to do THEA testing. So we're all looking foreword to it. Of course, I'd prefer we eat some of that good Chinese food you've seen here before. But I'll be a gentleman and let the ladies decide.

After that, Denise and I are gonna head down to Austin. We'll park down town and walk over to an old Blues venue called Antone's, on the corner of 5th and Lavaca. Jimmie Vaughan is playing there tonight, along with another interesting band called The Bluebonnets. Rain or shine, it should be fun. Our tickets are at the Will Call, and it'll be standing room only. The show starts at 8PM, but we'll try to get there a little early. You know me by now, so you know I'll be tryin' to get some good pictures to show ya.

There's a gun show this weekend in Austin, so Denise and I have plans to head back down there Sunday and take in some of those sights. We missed a planned trip to Pappasito's last Sunday night when our flight home from Kentucky was delayed, so we vowed to one another then that we'd come back this weekend and make up for lost time.

Click on that red link above and check out the Fajitas and Rock Lobster. Toss in about four Brochette Shrimp, dripping with that special butter sauce, a few cold beers for me and a few Strawberry Margaritas for Denise, and you have a picture of what we'll be up against. It'll be a struggle, but I think we're up to it. Mmmmm, it's gonna be gooooood. And yeap, I'll probably take a few pictures of it all to show you.

So, you guys try to have a good weekend, wherever you may be, and I'll chat with you on the other side.

Oh, and if you haven't seen this, check it out. Wonderful! Try not to tear up, a dare ya. Cheers!


Hammer said...

Excellent idea on the cigars.

If I splurge and buy a couple of 12dollar smokes I feel bad about throwing away that last bit..I figure it's at least 2 bucks.

I used to drive like a bat out of hell and it's hard not to when I drive the wife's charger but I've had a couple of close calls with the 5-0 so I figure I've used up my luck.

Mushy said...

Had to out do us huh?

That looks like a huge joint! It's a Cheech and Chong joint!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Ya know Mushy, I was thinking the same thing. They call them blunts, and it sure looks like one. What I want to know is how you took the picture of your speed o meter while smoking a blunt going 120 mph, damn Texans.

Christina LMT said...

Being bad is an excellent thing on occasion, right? Have a great weekend, FHB.

BRUNO said...

I honestly think I'd laugh hard enough to shit in my pants if I caught you smokin' one of your "stick-stogies"! Sorry, dude---I'm still tossin' the last inch!

Why, if it hadn't been for folks throwin' away those stumps, and half-smoked cigs a half a century ago---why, I never would've made it out of puberty!

Like the popular by-line of today says: "Do it for the children!"...!!!

FHB said...

Hammer - Dude, you've gotta start buyin' 'em online. I can't remember the last time I paid that much for one.

Mushy - No tryin' to outdo you. Just tryin' to catch up... and have fun along the way.

Old Soldier - Dude, I've always got the camera ready.

Christina - Thanks. It's turnin' into a great one.

Bruno - If I toss one out to window around here, all it'll do is cause a grass fire. Like Hammer said, I pay enough for 'em, I wanna smoke the whole thing.

But I'll keep some good paper in the car, just in case we run into one another.

kerrcarto said... win [wipes tear from eye].

red collar said...

Ok, you got me too. Big time. Susan Doyle just... She just nailed it, man. Wow. I just sent that to my best friends on Youtube, waiting to see who else chokes up. DAMN.

Also, I met SRV, had him sign my show ticket in 1988. Best show I ever say. He came back to Quebec a year later with Joe Cocker (my sister saw that show) and he had his accident weeks later. What a loss that was.

Aaaand... speaking of cigars, I couldn't help myself, I smoked my second Cohiba tonight. Two in two days. It's a long story but I bought two from a friend who went to Cuba instead of paying 10$ a pop at the mall. Yes, I'm in Canada, we have Cuban cigars here.

I hadn't smoked a cigar in...three years. Maybe more than that.