Thursday, April 09, 2009

Friday stuff, and Happy Easter everyone.

This'll be short. I'm givin' a test on base. It's Thursday night, about 6:30, and I've got one straggler from the 4:45 class still testing. The 7:30 class will start rollin' in here soon and then I'll be rehashing the Revolution and reviewing them for their first exam next week. Aaaah, the life of the ivory tower.

Ellis took me on another drive, or actually I drove him, Wednesday afternoon. I got out of class at about 2:30 and headed for the local Dairy Queen for a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. The dairy Mart is closed on Wednesday, so the Dairy Queen gets my bidneth.

After eating I went by Rogers house and picked him up and we headed out north of San Saba to check out the Regency Bridge. I got some good shots, but there's no tellin' when I'll be able to work on them ans post them. Tonight's gonna be a late night here at school, and then I have to go play pool with the guys. Then, when I get a chance to go home, Denise will be frantically packing for our weekend in Kentucky. So, it doesn't sound like there'll be much time to play with photoshop before we go.

Denise and I fly out of Austin early Friday morning, heading to Louisville, Kentucky to spend a few days over the Easter weekend visiting with her family. Her ex mother-in-law and a nephew (the guy on the left in this shot - and the lovely lady in the middle) are flying down from Wisconsin. It'll be the first time we've seen those folks since Christmas in 2007 when Denise and I flew up there.

We'll spend Friday and Saturday up there and then fly back Sunday, arriving late, but maybe not too late to hit Pappasito's on the way home. A few good Margaritas should grind the edge off whatever dramas we have to contend with along the way.

So... Oh yea, Waters got himself an AK. I know, hilarious. The Civil War dude who always belittles my choice in firearms. "When are you gonna get a real gun?" Well, all it took was Osama Yomamma getting elected and the next thing you know EVERYONE wants and AK. Waters and a few others started thinking about it right after the election. They even wanted me to sell them a few of mine. I was like, "Hell no! I didn't get them so I could sell them! Get your own!"

It's a Romanian AKM. He paid something like $600ish bucks, which is a decent price in today's market, but about twice what they used to go for... before the recent unpleasantness. He's tasked me with the job of making it look like a "real Russian gun, with all the laminated furniture and all." Well, it just so happens I have the parts to do just that, so I'll see what I can do. I'll keep ya posted. It'll be weeks before I can get started on it though. I told him he could get the ball rolling, if he wants to, by sanding and rubbing off the crappy Romanian finish. We'll see how it goes.

Well, the next class is comin' up, so I'll be off now. You folks have a great Easter, and we'll see ya on the other side of it. Cheers!


Sarge Charlie said...

hope you have a great weekend my friend, maybe even find the golden egg........

Hammer said...

Have a great easter!

Yeah I got mine for 300.

Amazing..friggin AR clones are going for alomst 2K

Suldog said...

Happy Easter, FHB!

FHB said...

Thanks guys. It was a wonderful time. You'll love the pictures, when I get a chance to fix them.