Thursday, April 02, 2009

You ever hear of "Flying Rods", or "Sky Fish"?

Ever since I started working out in San Saba I've been fortunate to work with some really fun, cool folks. It's really made the transition easy, to the point that I look forward to going out there each day. I don't even mind the drive.

Between my colleagues, guys like Waters and Ellis, and the guards who work the Education Unit... Imes and Hoenow, and even the Windham Principal... a burly, good natured guy named Lonnie White (who cookes some mean assed Cajun food, I wanna tell ya), we spend a good deal of time laughing and joking.

One of the guards we work with out at the jail is an interesting dude named John Hoenow. He's had a very interesting life, growing up in San Antonio in the 1960s, going to Vietnam very late in the war, and then being a cop in San Antonio and various other places since then. Suffice to say, he's been through a lot of interesting stuff.

One of these days, maybe I'll try to retell some of the better tales, or just get John to do a guest post. You'd laugh your asses off. We do, just about every day.

That's John there on the right, riding along with his lovely wife Elisabeth. They both run the ranch. He doesn't have the beard any more. Something, no doubt, to do with a silly prison regulation.

Anyway, he found out about this blog at some point, and has begun to read it now and then. He told me recently about his own web site, Centex Equines. He and his wife have a ranch outside San Saba where they raise Horses, mules and lots of other critters. Click on the link above and check out some of their stock.

We started exchanging emails a while back, sharing funny videos and other stuff, like I do with a lot of people. He sent me this one yesterday. Enjoy.

He asked me a while back if I'd ever heard of these things called "Flying Rods". Once he described what they were it rang a bell in the old brain. I remembered seeing a video from some cave in Mexico, with people sky diving and these "Rods" flitting about.

When I told him I knew what he was talking about he told me that he'd managed to take pictures of a few them. He said he'd email them to me.

These things, whatever they are, look wild as hell on the videos. That got me lookin' on the web for more video and maybe an explanation. I'm a born sceptic, so you tell me...

Here are John's shots, obviously taken with a digital camera set up to take pictures near a game feeder.

Weird eh? Almost looks like the deer is lookin' up at it.

Some sort of weird, X-Files critter, or maybe just a bug? I'm bettin' it's a bug and a weird camera effect, but who knows?


PRH....... said...

Have a great weekend Jeff....if you find time to light one up, by all means, do so.

Hammer said...

I wonder which puppet is the gay one ;)

Cool stuff!

Have a great weekend.

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"breasteses" lol

FHB said...

Pat - Did. Wonderful.

Hammer - Hilarious. Uh, maybe the middle one.

Anonymous said...

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