Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter in Kentucky.

Denise and I flew out to Kentucky last Friday so we could spend Easter with her family. We flew out of Austin, ridin' a little puddle jumper to Dallas, and then another to Louisville.

Nice view for about $600. The ass end of the plane, and the left engine cowling in full view. I mean, why even have a friggin' window there?

The flight was delayed from Austin about an hour and a half, so we ended up having to get on a later flight to Louisville, arriving there later then we were supposed to. But they didn't lose our bag, so I consider it a win.

When we got there and rented a car, it was raining a bit. The roads down to Radcliffe were wet, but the Red Buds were blooming, so it was a nice ride.

We made some calls along the way and everyone decided to meet up at the same German restaurant we'd eaten at the last time we were there (a few weeks ago).

This time, after a long day, and since I wasn't driving, I decided to have a tall, cool 48 oz. mug of Kostritzer Black Lager. It was great. Filled a spot.

For dinner, I chose the Schnitzel Cordon Bleu... same thing I had last time. Most of the others went with the Jeager Schnitzel. I can't stand all the gravy. I love the cheesy ham oozing out of mine when I cut into it. Mmmm, good stuff.

After eating we split up and Denise and I headed over to her eldest daughters house to spend the night. I spent much of the rest of the night and part of the next day playing with ether her grandson Colin...

seen here engrossed in his ship game (he has various war ships downloaded and had battles between them. That's the $20 Denise gave him in his Easter card, layin' there to his right.

Or with the family whirlwind Sadie. This is her in a calm moment. If anyone needs the friggin' Dog Whisperer to show up at their doorstep, it's these folks. We play hard when I'm there, and I usually end up bloody and slobbery in the end. I love it though, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, we drove down to Bowling Green and spent the day and night at Denise's other daughters house. Lynn is pregnant with her first child, so that's another reason why Denise wants to be up there as much as she can.

This is her husband Dale playing Guitar Hero. These folks have all the gadgets. I can't relate. Never been into this sort of thing, since Galaxiga and Asteroids went away.

Lynn did most of the cooking for the Easter dinner on Saturday, so we could all be there and enjoy one another. It was wonderful.

You can probably make out most of the fare here yourself. Sweet Potatoes in the middle, green bean casserole on the right, and sweet corn on the left.

The main attraction was a huge spiral cut honey ham, heated up for a few hours and served steamin'. Mmmm, good.

Denise took the time to whip up some Yorkshire Puddings for the girls. They grew up eating English food, so they always ask for it when she comes. I've yet to acquire a taste for much of it. Can't help it that I was brought up on good old souther cookin', including jalapeƱos and BBQ. I mess with Denise, asking if I can have butter on my biscuit. She rolls her eyes. I don't think that'll ever stop bein' funny.

We all lined up and took turns at the troth. I think I made about three trips. It was wonderful.

In all, it was a wonderful time. Family and friends, all having a great time and enjoying one another.

After eating I broken out the George Dickel and a few cigars and Todd (the guy in the green shirt in the upper left in the dinner shot, above) joined me on the back porch. The last time we saw him he was about to be sent to Iraq for the third time. Now he's back, in the Marine reserves, and enjoying life a lot more. It's good to see.

He had a pretty good ash goin' on the Kuba Kuba I gave him, until just after this shot was taken. It was gettin' a dangerous lean on it, so I thought I'd preserve it for posterity.

We flew home Sunday, going with US Air, so we flew East to Charlotte before heading back to Austin.

Saw this little toy parked in front of the Fox Sports Bar there in the airport. Had to get the shot.

There were lots of people there watching the Masters, and some flying back in their golfing attire having watched the tournament in person. Lots of dudes in pink and tan shorts, with golf hats on. Not what you're expecting to see in an airport.

Our flight back to Austin was delayed, just long enough to screw up our dinner plans. Nope, no Pappasito's last Sunday, bu there's a gun show this weekend, so we'll head south, probably Sunday, and make up for lost time.

Well, the library is closing, so this'll be it. Have a great week. Cheers.


Hammer said...

Looks like another winner of a trip.

The George Dickel and Cigars look tasty.

Becky said...

Mmmmmmm, ham! I'm not sick of it yet, still eating the leftovers on Wednesday. Looks like your family is actually tolerable, that is a good thing. We figured out that little trick too, giving money to the kids so they like us. We are not the most involved aunt and uncle duo, so we pay them off.

Mushy said...

Only thing wrong with all that was that it was in Kentucky!

FHB said...

Hammer - Yes brother, Tasty.

Becky - I could eat on it for a month, if it wasn't still in Kentucky.

Mushy - Yea, too bad they don't live in Knoxville.