Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just a few words, between speak.

OK, for those of you who are kitty impaired, here's what went down.

Yella cat: Dude, you're in my space.

Black cat: Uh, really?

Yella cat: DUDE, you really in my space, and that's not cool.

Black cat: Uh, really? well...

Yella car: DUDE! DUUUUUDE!

Black cat: Man, if you make me get up I'm gonna...

Yealla cat: DUUUUUUDE! Dude, like, you're really in my space.

... and so on. See, Simple. If only the Israelis and Palestinians could get along like that.

Uh, wait, I guess they do. Cheers!


red collar said...

Israelis and Palestinians. LOL

Yes, yes they do.

I'm guessing these cats know each other really well because neither backed down, no shots were fired.

No cat is gonna endure that from a stranger. Maybe they're married.

FHB said...

Hey, thanks for comin' by. Yea, it's hilarious. They must be married.