Saturday, August 23, 2008

By the way...

Here's the picture they took when we got in the boat to go into the cave. I couldn't remember where I'd put it. Found it in the Makers Mark bag. Scanned it and presto, you get to see it.

No snide comments please, about them having to put more people on the other side of the boat to balance it after I sat down.

Go back and watch that little YouTube video again and you can see basically the same view we saw once we got in there. Not much, in other words.

The whole boat tour lasts about ten minutes. The only reason you can't walk in there is that they dammed up the stream inside the cave so the water would be deep enough for this little john boat. Kind of a letdown.

Again, the best thing about that cave was the cool temps and that cool dance hall. It'd be fun to go down there and attend one of their special events. Maybe some day.

Tomorrow, Road Trip 2008 will continue when I post something about getting to meet another blogger in Ohio and heading into Pennsylvania. See you then. Cheers.


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That looks like a fun experience!