Friday, August 01, 2008

You remember way back when I posted something about a new knife project?

I got another Damascus Bowie blade and the rest of the makin's at a gun show in Dallas a year or so ago. The blade is just like the one on the last knife I made. I built that one for myself but ended up takin' it to Tennessee and givin' it to Mushy. I'd built an earlier one with a similar blade a few years back, in 2005, and then ended up giving that one to a friend in Ft Worth. I bought this blade for myself too, like all the others, but it's also destined to another hand. I've got ideas now for a fourth project. That one will be mine, dammit! But you know, somebody will probably come along and need it. It happens.

This one is another Damascus Bowie, this time with Oosik, or petrified walrus penis bone for the handle. The last one had an antelope horn handle, and the one before was made with a piece of Mule Deer antler. It's got a silver guard and a silver star emblem on the butt with the silhouette of the state of Texas in brass. Purdy!

I was up till 2:30 Thursday morning working on it. I put the finishing touches to it later that day and cut out the leather to make a sheath. The plan is to sow the sheath together during the drive up, while we visit with Denise's kids and grand kids, and then hand it over to my cousin's son-in law when we get up there. I'll tell him "This is for your boy, from his big cousin in Texas, but you can play with it till he gets old enough to." His son, Bob's new grandson, is still just a baby.

I kinda got the idea for the build and the gift when Bob came down here for dad's funeral. I told him I was gonna do it and he was very happy. I said then that I'd try to build it and bring it for the fishing trip last June, but I never got around to it. Too many fun weekends doin' other stuff. Same reason my yard is so ratty.

I guess I always work best with a deadline and stress. I know, that's bullshit, but I procrastinate all the time so this sort of thing ends up being rushed at the last minute. I'm sure I would have done a better job if I hadn't done that, but that's how I motivate myself, I guess.

Anyway, this kid is Bob's first grandson, and he's happy as he can be, so I guess I'm really doin' it for him. I love him to death, and can't wait to see him again.

Denise and I will be up there to see him in a week or so. We leave on a two week road trip tonight, driving up to Kentucky to see her kids and grand kids. From there we'll drive up to Pennsylvania. We hope to connect with Pat Houseworth on the way through Ohio. Maybe check out the Air Force Museum. After that we'll spend a long weekend in Williamsport with Bob and his wife Linda. Then we'll head South through Virginia to Harriman and spend a few days chillin' with Mushy and his bunch in beautiful Eastern Tennessee.

There's gonna be a hike and a canoe/kayak trip, and there might even be an impromptu blogfest in the works for that second week in August. Chuck is supposed to come up and we're all supposed to chow down at Wild Wings. I've been dreamin' about that friggin' place for a year, and dreamin' about sippin' a cold Yuengling of the tap there for almost that long. It's gonna be a huge blast, just like last year, only now I have someone to share the ride and the fun with.

Last year I did this road trip alone and Denise took care of my house and my cats while I was away. That way I had something really good to look forward to when I got home... A wonderful homecoming. This way I get to take her with me and share her with all the other folks I love. It's gonna be a great time.

So, I've got a bunch of new posts set up to pop up just about every day over the next two weeks while we're gone. I think you'll enjoy the stuff I've set up. I'll post some pictures of the new knife that'll pop up tomorrow, so be patient.

Anyway, you guys relax and I'll do the drivin', and we'll talk again in a few weeks. Cheers!


Suldog said...

"petrified walrus penis bone"

Nothing I say could possibly top the pictures forming in people's heads. Nope. Not even close.

Mushy said...

Wonder why the good Lord didn't but a real bone in ours?! Sure would make things simpler these days.

The knife is gorgeous...thanks for the need to post one of them here.

We're waitin' fer ya!

Sarge Charlie said...

I need a bone.......

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