Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok, here we go.

I just uploaded the first batch of pictures to FlickR, so you can click here and go check them out. There's about a hundred cool corvette shots over there, so enjoy.

We started our vacation a few weeks ago, leaving here at about 9PM on a Friday night and driving strait through to Kentucky. After that 14 hour drive to Bowling Green, where Denise's younger daughter lives, we decided to go check out the Corvette Museum there.

I was beat to death after that drive, noddin' off in the car on the way to the museum, but as soon as we got in there I perked up like you wouldn't believe.

I think I've been lusting after these cars ever since I saw my first one, back in the 60s. I have a vivid memory of the family being in the car and following a Stingray up an on-ramp to the highway. I said something like "Wow, I want one of those", and dad laughed and said something like "How are you ever gonna get one of those?" Thinkin' about that now, I should have said something like "Well, I'll get a job and pay for it, you PRICK!" But that's another story.

The corvette is made there in Bowling Green, so you can not only visit this huge collection of these beautiful cars, but you can also tour the factory and watch them build the cars. We saved that for the next time we roll through town.

Of all the cars we saw there, this one was my favorite. I think they shot their wad when they came up with this Stingray design. It's the coolest thing in the world. I probably don't fit in it, but I don't give a damn. I love it to death. Enjoy the pictures. There's more to come. Cheers.


Hammer said...

I love those car museums. Corvettes are awesome!

Mushy said...

Very nice shots my friend...I especially like the first long shot!

Suldog said...

The lines on that last one are just SMOOOOOOOTTHH. Very nice.

pat houseworth said...

You said the cars were impressive, and you made and understatement when you did.

Sarge Charlie said...

My Lust was far an early T Bird, I am trying to remember a movie with Pat Boone in late 50's with an early T Bird, I wanted one so bad and my father would have said the same thing.

H2o said...

My father in law has a 1962 Corvette in white. It's a sweet car!