Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Blues...

Yea, I'm stealin' it. Hell, he don't do it any more. So, sit back and enjoy.

Man, I'd love to see them some day. What are the odds?

Here's another geezer who's still got it goin' on.

The video on this one is lousy, but the sounds are sublime.

How much would you give to see them in a club like that? Damn. Love yall. later.


Hammer said...

I used to go to blues clubs all the time.. boy I miss that stuff.

Mushy said...

Who says...check out Redneck Reserve!

There's room for lots of blues though.

Sarge Charlie said...

Cool stuff mr fhb, I have a special sports post today, you will like it

Suldog said...

Now, there's someone I've never seen live that I think I'd love to: Alvin Lee. Good Mornin', Little Schoolgirl!