Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The weekend was fun.

No, I mean this last weekend. Relax people, I'll get back to the road trip in a bit.

Denise and I took Mom out to eat Chinese food Friday night, and then after sitting around and chatting with her for a while we left Mom and went over to a local Mexican food place in Temple that has a funky screened in bar and enjoyed some adult beverages while we watched the Cowboys play a preseason game on the flat screen over the bar. Denise threw back a few strawberry margaritas while making snide comments about my team while I sucked down a few beers from their paltry selection, as well as a basket of complementary chips-n-salsa.

After that we chilled out Saturday, sleepin' in and gettin' a few chores done. Nothin' to telll there.

Sunday we got up at about 9:30 AM and headed up to Ft. Worth to visit my buddy Jim, who's flown into town from Pennsylvania, where he's working now. We stopped in West at the Czech bakery, and got him some jalapeno/beer bread (Mmmmmmmm, good!) and got Denise a decent cup of coffee.

We had a ball in Ft. Worth, my old stompin' grounds. We checked out Jim's five acre property west of town, where he's buildin' a barn/apartment/two car garage, and where he and his wife Terry plan to build a house some day. It's a beautiful area, made nicer by the fact that the gas companies are payin' folks HUGE money for the rights to drill for natural gas. He's had a nibble, and may end up gettin' a windfall. Me, I bought 17 acres in BELL COUNTY! What a fuckin' idiot! Oh well, who knew?

We wandered around Hulen Mall for a time, not buyin' anything, and then went back to Jim's to eat home made spaghetti. Jim's a wonderful cook, and he was in rare form. We said goodbye to Jim and his wife Terry at about 8:30 PM and got back home from Ft. Worth around 11. It had been a long, but fun time.

Monday morning started bright and early for me. Summer vacation from the dual credit classes is over. I drove down to Florence and started three new class, two governments and one history, lasting from 8 AM to 10:40 AM. Then I drove up to Ft. Hood to continue the regular semester on the base that stated last week. So, I teach seven classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, six on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and five on Friday. It's a full load, but I'm used to it, and the pay, when I get paid, will be good.

So, everything is basically cool. Havin' a schedule like this makes the rest we get on the weekend that much more important. The plan is to chill out this weekend, which will be a three day weekend, with Labour day and all.

You guys enjoy your week, and I'll get back to posting about the road trip tomorrow. Cheers.


pat houseworth said...

Summer is winding down, reality check time!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Ain't it the truth, but it'll stay hot here till November or so, so we'll still get another tubing trip under out belt before then.