Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another cool quiz.

I found this over at Phlemmy's place the other day. The first time I did this quiz it told me I was a Lee Marvin type. Now I just redid it and it's got me up there with Charles Bronson. Hell, I love both of these dudes, so it's cool. Too much complexity to be just a classic good guy or bad guy. I guess that's me. Check it out and see what it says about you.

What Kind of a Western Bad-Ass are You?
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You scored as Charles Bronson

You're normally peaceful and friendly, but when trouble strikes you respond with brutal vengeance. And despite having a face like a bashed crab, your sensitive soul helps win over ladies way above you appearance wise.

Charles Bronson


Clint Eastwood


Lee Van Cleef


John Wayne


Lee Marvin



Hammer said...

Mine was nearly identical to yours for the top three .

Lee van cleef was one of my favorites in the attitude dept.

CharlieDelta said...

That was a cool test. I had Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood as my 100%.

pat houseworth said...

No 100% for me...

John Wayne at 88% and Clint Eastwood at 85% topped the list...I'd rate those 2 at the top, along with Bronson, and Steve McQueen.

Mushy said...

I scored as a John Wayne (100%)
I am a classic all American cowboy who does the right thing. When I'm sober. Which means occasionally. I like horses, the outdoors, whiskey, hot tempered women, whiskey, pale ale (I added that), and bourbon.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Hammer - Cool. Love those guys.

Charliedelta - Cool.

Pat - Yep, the Duke and Clint would be a cool pair.

Mushy - See, I told you you were John Wayne. You scoffed before. Now it's official.

Thing is, how does Randolph Scott get dissed like this? Not even included.