Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Someone sent me a little video, got me on a Joe Walsh kick today. Enjoy.

These three are all from the Eagles tour in 77. I didn't go. I was an idiot back then, but you know that already if you've been payin' attention around here.

And what the hell, here's that last one again. This time from some Dick Clark thing in 1972. Love this one. Dig those boots. Have a great day people.


Hammer said...

I'm a big Joe Walsh fan.

The Eagles were way overplayed for my tastes. I use to have a neighbor that would get drunk and blast Heartache tonight over and over at 3AM...good times

JDP said...

When I was a senior in HS, went with a bunch of friends and saw the Eagles and Joe Walsh at the Tarrant County Convention Center. Had center floor seats towards the front. Best concert I ever attended and I went to a lot over the years.


pat houseworth said...

Walsh did his best stuff before he became an Eagle....although, along with Seger and CCR, they are still my favorites.