Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy friggin' Friday everyone!

First, this is funny as hell. Enjoy!

Gonna get some work done around the house here and then Denise and I are gonna go eat Chinese food with mom. The hospital called and told me that my new glasses are ready, so I'll be able to see things a bit better. Now, don't make any cracks about the food. I don't need to see the Generals chicken to enjoy it.

We're gonna go tubing Saturday down near New Braunfiels on the Guadalupe river. I'll rent a canoe while the others rent tubes and we'll carry the coolers. Bein' in a canoe will also give "D" and I a chance to fish. We're goin' down there with the same friends we do the chili cook-offs with. Great folks and a great time.

If we get back in time we've been invited to go over to some other friends house and watch "Blazing Saddles" on an outdoor movie screen. Those are some fun folks too, so I hope we manage to get there in time. We may just walk in stanky from the river and just continue drinkin'. Did I say that there would be adult beverages on the river? Oooooh, yes.

You guys try to have fun this weekend and we'll see ya on the other side of this one.

OH, did I say that I just got two boxes of Macanudos in the mail? So there'll be good smokes on the river too. OK, You may worship me, but don't go nuts or anything. Cheers!


Sarge Charlie said...

the lady got it right, he is an ass hole, she could have had a heart attach. Any idea where the kid tee shirt in your email came from, I posted the photo and people want to know where to get one.

CharlieDelta said...

FHB, I swear I didn't steal this from you and not give you credit, but I posted this one too.

Fuckin' hilarious! What's up with her smelling the hammer/firing pin?

JDP said...

I posted that one too after I saw it on Leno. Funny as hell.


Hammer said...

I'd be afraid she drop my gun and break it.

Les Becker said...

Oh, I want to go canoeing! The newish van that I bought has roof racks, and the kid and I were discussing the possibilities of lashing a canoe on top and paddling down the river in my hometown. Visiting there more often was the reason we bought the van in the first place, so it seems a good endeavour.

Enjoy your weekend, Hairy! I look forward to the recap next week.

pat houseworth said...

Any bets on whether the wife "pissed herself"?

Got to admit that was a dirty trick.....and I would have had a case of the red ass.

BRUNO said...

Well, I was all set to make a wise-crack about General Ho and his chinese-chicken, but you just let the air outta that one before I got to it!

What'd ya' get, the CI "knock-offs"? I'm enjoyin' the hell outta those...!