Thursday, July 17, 2008

How are you guys at dream interpretation?

Denise and I have been havin' some whoppers lately. Hers are pretty easy to figure out, if you ask me, but my latest one is just bizarre. She had this one about a week ago.

She and I are on a plane that is trying to take off. Thing is, our part of the plane has no cover, exposing us to the air. The plane takes off over and over again but can't make it over the buildings at the end of the runway and has to turn around and come back.

I'm thinkin' that's her concern about our relationship. Too exposed to the world, through this blog, and not goin' where she wants as fast as she wants it to get there. How am I goin'?

Her next one sounds to me like it's work related. She's walking at night and dodging spotlights. Every time the spotlight comes close she ducks away. When she doesn't she ends up captured by a German soldier with a gun over his shoulder and taken in for questioning. If you knew more about her work environment, her asshole boss and all the fires she's having to put out all the time, I think this one would be clear to ya. Just my interpretation. Hell, maybe I'm the guy with the gun? Who knows. Any ideas?

Now here's mine. This one's a doozie. First off, I don't remember my dreams that often. I'm told that I suffer from Sleep Apnea, so I may not get a chance to dream too often. Boy, did I this time! It was vivid as hell.

I was part of a huge, international contingent of guys who were all flooding into Israel to volunteer for the IDF. There were folks from all over. It was really cool. There was a sense of brotherhood in it, like we were all pitching in. We had all just got there and we were going through the process of being given uniforms and boots, and we were talking about what kind of guns they might give us. I told them that we might get old Kalashnikovs, but we'd probably end up with M-16s. One British or Irish dude said something like "What the hell does "Sholom" mean?", and I said "It's the same thing as saying Salam."

In the end we were sitting around and some Israeli dude was trying to give us some kind of patriotic speech about how the Jews have a right to the land. I told him something like "Dude, I'm here and I'm willing to fight for you, but don't try to hand me that crap. You guys are like the Indians in America. You owned the place a few thousand years ago but you lost it fair and square. These Arabs have been here for hundreds of years, which gives them about the same right to the land that my people have to Texas, so don't give me a bunch of shit!"

That's when I woke up. Cool eh.

So, where the hell did that come from. Extra spicy food?


GUYK said...

Never had much faith in dream interpretation..I figure dreams are just the mind de-fraging.

But in any event you and I have the same take on who the land belongs to..must be the conservative historian thing..

The land belongs to whoever can take it and hold it..always has and always will..

Hammer said...

I have similar dreams when I leave the miltary history channel on while I sleep.

I think you are spot on regarding the first two.

TexasFred said...

Germans, Israel, Indians, weapons, uniforms, boots, speeches...

You're a NAZI racist?? ?? ??

Sorry... ROFLMAO...

Claudia said...

Sleep apnea? I hope you have a CPAP machine to renew your oxygen at night. I had the problem for years until I lost 45 lbs. The machine helped me to get 6 hours of very restful sleep. Laugh at me! I'm an old nurse. Can't help but giving advice to people. Take care. Have sweet dreams.

Mushy said...

Backed up colon! Take a dump and call me in the morning.