Monday, July 07, 2008

We had a great time over the 4th.

Hope everyone else did too. Denise and I went to a pool party put on by a few friends of ours, Jack and Kay. Jack is a semi-retired pharmacist, probably in his early 60s. Big burly guy. Ex-scuba diver. He and Kay are regulars with the party folks I've hooked up with since I started dating Denise. The party was fun as hell, until I realized I'd taken my cell phone swimming. SHEEEEIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

Oh well, it's insured, so it'll only cost me $50. The sim card should be OK, please God.

We swam in one of those new salt water pools. Cool as hell. No sore eyes from swimming under water (what I always spend most of my time doing). At one point the family dog, a huge Rottweiler named Tazz, jumped into the pool and we started doin' laps together. I tell ya, that was fun as hell! That dog and I wore each other out.

The food there was great, and the adult beverages were flowin'. In the end, as the sun went down, Denise and I were the only couple left. The four of us spent the evening watching fireworks from their back yard. Lots of people out there in the country were breakin' the law, shootin' off all sorts of stuff during a burn ban. It's fun when some other bastard has spent hundreds of dollars on fireworks and you get to watch it all without the risk of actually getting busted yourself. We could even see the display on the base from there. It's always a good one.

Saturday was another fun day. I went to Gatesville early in the morning with a few friends and blasted away into the early afternoon. I even got to shoot a few new things I'd never seen before. I took lots of good pictures, but that will have to wait. Haven't had time to process them yet.

Sunday, Denise and I slept in, and then in the evening we went over to the spillway behind a local lake and went fishing. It was mostly a bust, but we had a good time anyway. It's hard to get any serious fishin' done around here without a boat. We'll do out homework and find out where the fish are and then we'll have a better time. There's bound to be a tank (pond, for you foreigners out there) around here with some good stuff floatin' around in it.

Anyway, we're headed up to Grand Prairie tonight to see Alison Krouss and Robert Plant. I'll see about getting some pictures.

You guys take care. We'll talk later. Cheers.


Erica said...

I lost my cell once on the Cyclone roller coaster. I sat in the back seat, which guarantees you a nice sore neck, and the damn thing just flew outta my pocket from God knows how many feet up in the air. That sucked.

Hammer said...

My cell phone usually falls from my pocket into the urinal..same end result.

And yeah other people's fireworks are almost as good. however, I do enjoy lighting them from time to time.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I rescued my cell phone from the toilet (a clean toilet) rinsed it, popped out the battery, and sat the phone in front of a warm fan for a few hours. Saved!

But I can't imagine that salt water helped the sim card survive.

pat houseworth said...

AK and Robert Plant? Now that is an interesting duo......both good, but would not have pictured them together. WTH though, everybody else is mixting up their music, so probably sound as good as anybody.

Suldog said...

FHB, I've been cruising all over the 'net checking out folks tales of good holidays spent with family and friends. Yours sounds as nice as any of them. Doing laps with a big ol' dog is some kind of fun, isn't it? I've had the pleasure, but not for many, many years.

Get some good shots! Looking forward to seeing them.