Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pictures from that concert.

A while back, about a year ago, I picked up a new CD at Best Buy. It looked like it couldn't miss. Two of my favorite people were on the cover... Robert Plant and Alison Krouss. It turned out to be a great collection of music. Here's a little thing from YouTube on how this special collaboration got going.

Denise and I played hookie from school and drove up to Grand Prairie on a Monday night a week or so ago and saw Plant, Krouss, and T-Bone Burnette in concert.

It was a wonderful evening in a great venue. I'd never been inside that place before. Nice place called Nokia Live at Grand Prairie.

All the musicians were at their best. It was cool to see Plant up there, groovin' with all these Bluegrass folks. You could tell he was dyin' to bust into some rock star moves now and then.

I caught this one while I was snappin' away with the camera and didn't see it till I looked at the pictures later. Hilarious.

I guess it's hard, bein' the singer from the greatest Rock and Roll/Blues band in history, and havin' to tone it down while you play with these much more stayed country folks. I tell ya though, the mixture of talents here is dynamite. Wonderful stuff.

Everyone on stage was havin' a great time. And when Plant would belt out a lyric now and then at the top of his lungs, displayin' the old talent, untarnished by time, all the old Zep fans in the audience would squeal back in response.

Krouss was no slouch though herself. When I looked up at one point and saw three spot lights hitting her, and she began to sing a wonderful song, a prayer really, from the film "Oh Brother Where Art Thou", I almost burst into tears. I love that song, and I wasn't expecting her to sing it.

If these folks come by your way, I'd recommend you see the show. They're gonna be down here in Austin later in the year at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, along with many other great bands. I think we're gonna get passes. Check over at the FlickR site if you want to see a few more of these shots. Cheers.


pat houseworth said...

Good Stuff!

Suldog said...

I always find it extremely interesting when artists move outside of their particular niche and perform. True talent will always shine.

CharlieDelta said...

That is killer! He may be getting old, but RP still has it. Nice post, man. The Stand-Up Bass is a nice touch for sure...

Mushy said...

It's scary to think those two may have never crossed paths...but lucky for us they did.